DH/HORDE Tank (able to transfer) LF Guild

Hello, My name is Nicolas

I am a previosu raider on tarren-mill
were i played as a Druid on the guild of Boogiemen and Team ripped. top 10 guilds of norway.

Im wishing for a guild that wants to play 2 days a week on raid atleast and is positive to M+ and alts.
I want to contribute on several layers of Characters. wich means if guid needs me to play Hunter il do so, if mage il do so if Monk il do so.

With me in the guild you get an onpoint 98% attendence raider that always says if he cant raid.

I want a guild that aims for Mythic. but does so in a nice and constructive 2 day raid. that means the hours we put down on those particular days is for the guild and not trolling

I want a scandinavian or english guild its the same for me.

Previous Logs.

Check following
Fìnnk - Tarren Mill (Antorus raid)
Snømannen - Tarren mill (Nighthold Raid)
Snømannen - Outland (EN Raid)
Highsaktoe - Blood Dk (Tarren mill)
(only pug)


Im now a DH Main. (Vengeance)
(comedydh - Tarren Mill)

Im looking for a raiding guild for Mythic and heroic.

I can swap server but i want to stay Horde

and i play mostly tank.
(Have a Monk tank swell) 193 ilvl

Can also re-roll to another tank in the future swell as Dps

Hello this is OP.

You can contact me on

Discord: RatedR#5321
Battle.net: MikkeMus#21743

Hello, can you play dh or monk dps ?

Hey! yeah im able to play DPS DH

Is fresh formed guild , looking for competitive raiders . Guild is formed by Mythic raider in previous exp . We are looking people to start fresh with progression, slowly improve each tier. Besides raiding we are looking people to push m+.