Diaper Squad 10/10Hc - Recruitning

Guild / Server: Diaper Squad (H) - Ragnaros

Progress: 10/10HC
 Raid Hours: Thursday / Saturday 20:00 – 23:00 Server time

 DPS // Healers // Tank

Do you enjoy having a laugh with friendly banter with a hint of dark humor, then Diaper Squad is the guild for you! We are currently looking for more people to fill our roster, DPS, Healers and Tank when it comes to raiding. At the same time we appreciate social aspects of the game too. We are the kind of guild who aim towards helping each other and we welcome you even if you just want to do social stuff, m+, bg’s etc.!

About us:
Diaper Squad was formed between some friends when all hope seemed to be lost aka beginning of BFA.
We emphasize on the casual aspect and respect that people have a real life as well therefor we do not look down if you are inactive if something comes up or if IRL stuff prevents you from being online on raid evenings.
If this sounds like something you want to join please contact an officer ingame or through our discord for more information and be prepared to be smothered – Welcome home my child.
o Obek
o Bodegabent
o Corvus#7123
o Shibabs#1657

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