Did I miss a Wrathion thread? (8.2.5. discussion)


I’m kind of surprised to see no topic about the new Wrathion questline in 8.2.5. Did I miss something?

In these quests we learn that Wrathion has actively been working towards finding means of fighting the Void, and possibly fighting Void with Void. He went to Pandaria, Eldre’thalas, Titan facilities and Karazhan in his search, and came out with some ideas how to resist and oppose the Void, a potion that can clean old god corruption and silence Void whispers (I’ll be happy to force-feed it to Void Elves!), and the idea that the Forge of Reorigination (the Titans’ doomsday device in Uldum) was somehow the key to defeat the Old Gods finally.

First I have to say… couldn’t I have had this research questline instead of Wrathion doing it offscreen? I’ll happily give up the War Campaign for it, really…

Secondly… if this means anything for 8.3, it sounds as if the final raid is taking shape. The Forge of Reorigination is kind of close to the Chamber of the Heart, the Old Gods are identified as the true enemy, and Wrathion even namedrops the true Battle for Azeroth (roll credits). Fighting N’zoth near the Heart of Azeroth and using the Forge of Origination to defeat him sounds like a relatively safe bet now.

Of course none of this is earth-shatteringly new, but I am kind of surprised by the lack of talk about it I see here. Might just be me overlooking it, though.

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I might be a minority here, but I find everything surrounding the Old Gods thoroughly boring, and I will be glad if we finally deal with them in BfA forever.
Right now I’m nearly more interested how they will resolve the faction conflict. Because I simply want to see Blizzards mental gymnastics at work.


Yep this is probably one of the final bosses. But, I’m still thinking about a battle against a corrupted Azeroth or something along these lines.


Compared to what? The faction conflict? The Legion, who is kind of the same in green? They certainly aren’t that interesting, but… is it less interesting than discussing the new Night Elven capital we won’t get or discussing our fantasy leader league?

Personally the only thing that really interests me in BfA (because I want to be done with it) it the Sylvanas-masterplan and the state she leaves the factions after she is deposed, but I wouldn’t call that question interesting either…

And the kind-of-reveal of a big theme in the final raid does sound like something people would usually discuss here.

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I suspect that people generally find Ebyssian to be a far better constructed character and formidable combatant than Mr. I WILL LET NOTHING GET IN THE WAY NEXT TIME! The former definitely has a more considerate and understanding personality.

Yep, MoP was merely a setback for you, overrated whelp.


Well, this questline also includes Ebyssarian getting corrupted by Void and saving him from it, so…

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Huh, apologies, missed that part. So they’re throwing Ebyssian under the bus as a plot device? Would have preferred Wrathion to have been corrupted instead but oh well.


Yeah, we give him Wrathion’s patented anti-void potion, some while after MOTHER is stopped from purging the guy.

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You’d think a dragon 10k years(?) old, that almost got void’d when he left Highmountain earlier, would come up with mobile wards to keep him safe. Or something of that sort. Ah well, writing for the par. Reading this stuff really discourages me from any kind of fanfic writing.


I think it got lost in the overall excitement about the* cough* awesome new Calia model.


Black Dragons are not known for their resistance to void corruption. It’s pretty much what defines the history of their flight.

Regarding Wrathion I cant shake this feeling that his past screw ups wont be brought up and that his schemes will once again blow up in his face and result in some monumental world ending catastrophe.


Only thing/time i found anything old god interesting was was when titans werent living planets and old gods needded multiple titans to take down.

But evrything ever is cause old gods;need a villain old god corruption,need a boss old god corruption. Character acts out of character, old god corruption.

Why have motives or anything and build up if can ust ahve more old god corruption.
When they dont really have personalities or anything, just more old god crap.
Its boring and uninteresting. theyre just old big evil blobs.

And faction conflict is something that is interesting when its not as horribly written as bfa is.

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