Did not play BFA, how do i unlock mechagon to prepare for S4 M+

like the title says. apparently you have to do a questline or something

I can’t confirm whether doing this is required to access the dungeon or not, but an explanation can be found in this guide:

The summary is that you need to unlock BFA world quests (requires friendly reps I think), and unlock the Heart of Azeroth. Then you can go to Nazjatar, do the intro, and then unlock Azerite Essences. Once you have that done you can access the Mechagon intro.

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I can. I just sent an alt who never opened Mechagon to check. I can get into the dungeon just fine, so the dungeon does not need an unlock.

Getting to the dungeon, though, is going to be a pain if you haven’t opened Mechagon. There is no Flight Master there for my character. Which is still not a problem if I have BfA flying, which my account does. I’m not sure whether the Horde skip to Mechagon from Dazar is there for characters who haven’t opened it; I can check if you need.

Chronormi already linked the guide. The TL; DR for your purpose is that you open Nazjatar, and then about 5 quests in Magni calls you for a mission to Highmountain. Once you get that out ofthe way, it leads you to Mechagon, and a few more quests opens everything.

How do you open Nazjatar? It USED to be that you needed Friendly with all three factions of BfA, and the Uniting The Isles quest to get the Flight Master’s Whistle, and the Heart of Azeroth. Then you get https://www.wowhead.com/quest=56031/the-wolfs-offensive or https://www.wowhead.com/quest=56030/the-warchiefs-orderto go to Nazjatar.

As Horde we used to travel from Zuldazar to Drustvar then fly over if we didn’t have the flightpath/submarine route on alts (or wait for a summon).

I just checked.

As Horde, you still have the instant teleport to Mechagon from the Port at Dazar, but only for characters that have opened Mechagon. Characters that have not opened Mechagon would still have to fly from Drustvar or Stormsong.

If you did the unlock yes. But if you didn’t then you went to Drustvar and flew over.

For S4 it’s perfectly possible to do the dungeons without requiring the unlock as either faction.

I think we are talking at cross purposes somewhat xD

Is there a fatigue zone between Kul Tiras and Mechagon? If no then you can simply swim there. If there is, it might still be possible with water walking on a mount to cross it fast enough before sustaining damage from fatigue.

There isn’t a fatigue zone. But if there is no Flight Master on the island for your character, it’s going to be a LOOOOONNNG ride - and certainly swim! _ every time. :stuck_out_tongue:

I checked (on the PTR) and it doesn’t seem that far away from the top of Drustvar. Yeah if you just plan on swimming it might take a bit, but if you have an aquatic mount, or preferably some form of water walking (spell/potion/mount equipment) then it’s not that long.

Though OP might consider doing the unlock if they think it beats swimming there every time.


Via a GD thread, new portal to Mechagon in Oribos for S4:

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Excellent solution and I should have remembered that :relaxed:

The Thing is , i cant get the quests so i can go there .
i wonder how blizz thought about it .
i Swam there , bcus i know sometimes if u get to the position u can open it thru a Quest giver at the position but not now .
im also a bit dissapointed at blizz , since they took the quest away and i cant get the replacement it seems like im doomed to not getting my Mechagnome . My man also plays wow and he can get the quest in SW but not me , even if i have done all things to be done to get it . this is my mans account im writing from here .

Mystixess, what is the character you are trying o get the quest on? We can’t check criteria unless we can see the character.

Ownedgirl on Quel Thalas Server .
She is lvl 52 , but since lvl 50 she couldnt get either Kul tiran United or the quest for Nazjatar which always leads to Mechagon Questline .
She dont get the apperance of Gila in Stormwind Either in the embassy so .

OK, so on that character you DO have Friendly with the three local reps. That means you can get the Flight Master’s Whistle for Kul Tiras. If you haven’t got it, pick it up on the ship.[*]

However, the other thing you need to start Nazjatar is rhe Heart of Azeroth, and from your achievemnts on that characte, I don’t think you have it. https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/eu/quelthalas/ownedgirl/achievements/expansion-features/heart-of-azeroth

So how do you get the HoA now in Shadowlands? I’m honeslty not sure. According to Wowhead, you should get the quest A Dying World automatically, so check your quest log for that.

If it isn’t there, check first on the docks at Stormwind, and then at Magni’s camp in Silithus https://www.wowhead.com/npc=130216/magni-bronzebeard

Let us know what you find there.

[*] P.S. The quest Uniting Kul Tiras also requires the Heart of Azeroth. That is what is blocking you. Get that first.

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