Did the Orc heritage questline today loved it

Did the Orc heritage questline today loved it.

I loved seeing all the Orc NPCS gathered and the dialogue you could have with them.

However there should have been interaction between between Eittrig and the Orcs from the prime universe and the Mag’har Orcs who came over from alternate timeline Draenor.

Yes they are Orcs from an alternate timeline but still Orcs .

Geyarah at the very least should have been present and should have had a dialogue with Thrall at least


Really enjoyed the questline as well. Can’t say the same for the human one.

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Was awful. Blizzard has no creativity left. Also the entire Orc race fits in Razor Hill. Down to a few hundred from tens of thousands.

It was a fine set of quests for Orcs, mostly. As with most stuff coming out today, it was very “harmless”, though. The duels were all fun and games, the target of the hunt deserved it for being murderous, and everyone was just having a nice party. It’s ok, but not enough, if you were looking for something with teeth. No orcisch savagery at all.

Thrall pulled the fangs of the Orcs back in Warcraft 3. The edgy Orcs are gone. Sadly.

What exactly did you dislike?
Sure, the Orcish questline was about Faction pride, about remembering where they came from and adapting old rites and practices in their new home, while the human questline was centered around legacies of Stormwind’s old enemies. Metaphorically, it was a story about a noble and a commoner realizing the errors of their fathers’ ways and overcoming them. It was not a “epic” as the “Orc convention”, but in a way, it was a small journey through the Kingdom and its past.

…sounds like exactly what I’d dislike about it. Nothing epic, just rehashed old stuff, including the ever-returning WoW-theme of daddy issues. It’s not well-crafted enough for good drama (WoW usually isn’t), and it’s not metal enough for stupid fun. It’s adding nothing to the world to speak of. It’s not even ridiculous enough to have fun mocking it.

Just meh. Something you won’t remember without effort.

…still better than Baine’s little adventure about letting go of his old, totally character-defining hatred, though.

tbh, i first rolled with my eyes as i hear, its again teh defias, only to be suprids in a posetiv way how they resolve a part of the defias issue, vanesa who seee her way of violen and revange were wrong, the old defias/ stonmazes who are redeemd (with reperation and amnesty) and joind only as a protest momnet, not as bandit movemnt and now the split in the defias, the old stonmazes around vannesa (Hope) and the new banidts and brigant around Duncon who will play a role later since he survied.
and the similaritys at teh end between vanassa and cecila (both with greedy, revenagevull fathers who find ther end by someone), and we get a hint more about ediwn what a person he was (the dialoge in moonbroock in teh field)

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Even though i understand what you mean, I have to say, that after Varian’s one (hu)man show in the expansions before legion, I really dig an “unepic”, more grounded, smaller scale questline. We’ve had “epic and mindless” far too often in WoW (I’m still not over the storyshattering stupidity of Jaina on a flying boat with arcane cannonballs in Lordaeron), so I definetly prefer the more down-to-earth, character-driven storytelling.

I think that one problem they had is that Stormwind as a kingdom was just too harmonic (not to say, boring) for too long, so there was no real potencial for something BIG to happen.

Well… yes and no. It’s a contained, local storyline, but it IS world building. We’ve learned that the writers still remember that there is a house of nobles in Stormwind. That Anduin got rid of the corruption in it and that he even payed reparations to the families of those among the Defias who only wanted justice (which, when I think about it, could have also been a great questing experience to witness :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).
We’ve learned that the remaining Defias were indeed greedy gangsters, who’d even betray Vanessa and try to start a rebellion. True, we stopped them, before they could do any real harm, but… playing through this local story, remembering Onyxia’s schemes and visiting some places that were relevant for Stormwind’s history had it’s own charme in my opinion. Not to mention that we now know that there a no “righteous” people anymore in the ranks of the remaining Defias.

I guess, it’s a matter of personal taste. I liked both questlines. :slightly_smiling_face:

Well, I’m certainly not arguing for a larger scale. But just lowering the scale, isn’t a marker of quality. The orc quests weren’t exactly of an epic scale, either, but they were simple fun. The human quests try to tell more of a story, but neither do I think they did it well, nor do I think it’s a new story. And if we just get repetition, mindless fun works better than mediocre drama, no matter the scale. The problems of Jaina’s and Sylie’s arcs weren’t that different from the problems here, the bigger scale just made them do more collateral damage to the lore.

That’s what new stories are for. Turalyon has had 5 years of offscreen-rule now that we don’t know anything about. The “true” king has been gone for just as long. Stromgarde was rebuild, Southshore was supposed to be rebuilding, going by Exploring Azeroth, and with the Black Dragons and the “Dark Horde” mostly gone, the burning steppes are ripe for reclamation. Stormwind itself has become a metropolis with refugees from pretty much every nation. Decades of war should have had an effect on ressources. Duskwood is still cursed and full of threats.

If an author sees no way to create a sufficient conflict for a 30min quest chain with that, maybe they shouldn’t be writing. But I don’t think that that was a problem here. They just decided that human “heritage” was best defined by the stories they already told. Thus they retold them.

Which is still pretty much undefined in its powers and duties. Bringing it up without building on it, is worse than nothing, for me.

Making complex problems right with the wave of a hand offscreen isn’t a good thing. That’s skipping a story, not telling one. Not that it would have been a good story, if the gist of it was “the king magicked all necessary money from his war-torn kingdom to the ones wronged by it, because restorative justice is easy”. Remember that Anduin was only ruler for 3 years. 3 years of war.

Again… not a good thing. They kept the Defias name, but just cut out the moral ambiguity of fighting them. Making them random gangsters would genuinely have added more.

That’s probably a matter of taste, yes. But that’s the part that doesn’t add anything. Looking back you won’t remember that, you’ll just remember the stuff it reminded you of. If I was keen on that, I’d play classic more. But good for you for enjoying it in the moment. I was just bored throughout.

Never been a big fan of humans, so that is one reason. Never really connected to their part of the lore. Elves and Draenei have always been more interesting. Maybe because i didnt play in vanilla, so that story line was not something i experienced myself is a reason. Also i am biased when it comes to Orcs. :grin:

Orc NPCs were a bunch of D-Tier prominence. Blizzard realizes they killed all important Orc characters so they shorhorned in all remaining characters we ever met even if they are neutral. Like Ritsynn and Lantresor. Orc lore is dead. The heritage questline made it obvious.

Fair point.

Back when Sylvanas started her Garrosh-Cosplay, I just couldn’t understand how Blizzard decided to do the “Evil Warchief”-bit again, while there’s basically a snake pit waiting for Anduin in Stormwind. I expected to see him grow into his role, to struggle with diplomacy and learn to handle the nobles who try to take advantage of him.
Also, I think it’s a missed opportunity for them to show us who the people of Stormwind are - once again: The story potencial of the arrival of the Death Knights. A “Faith crisis” when the Archbishop vanished and never came back. The meeting with the Forsaken. It’s still beyond me how they could look at all these set ups and then decided to go for a second round of “Mad Horde Warchief unleashed”.

What I was trying to say, was: Judging be all the opportunities they had and didn’t use - it’s a success that they even remembered the existence of the House of Nobles. I admit that my bar of expectations is pretty low by now.

Well, they are now. :man_shrugging: At some point, that had to do something. Now, the “righteous” Defias have disbanded.

Which is understandable. It’s true that it didn’t change anything for anyone in Stormwind. But maybe that wasn’t the intention. Taliesin f.e. mentioned a moment that made him feel nostalgic, when he saw his max level hero stop the revolution at Northshire, just to walk out and run into a low level warrior with Northshire starter equipment. After the questline about legacies and getting a Heritage armor, there’s something “poetic” to save the place where you started and run into someone who’s just starting their journey.

Altough - and to kill the magic of the moment - it must have been a veteran player leveling an alt. :grimacing:

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Without Edwin the Defias have no guidance. Under him they fought for a good cause. But Anduin failed to punish the nobles who were responsible for double crossing the stonemasons.

nah, no realy, i mena yes, they wanted to be paid but thgey let themself lead by revange and mostly greed, which even vanases claims was wrongt after all, they wanted to help the people of westfall but in teh end cause more harm.

no, because we dont know it (yet), we know he put anb end to the coruption and then we have to problem some might willingfull help but others manipulated by it, so how do we sort out those who are gulty?
Even shanw stated he was blind by the influence of onyxia, so some coud claim tehy dont konw aythng about it and were only mere pawns.

he must get the right people because he cant arrest all or exucte all of tehm, taht would eventuly backfire.

Why you are so against the alliance gaining some edges? It would just make the story richer.

Its supposed to be the HUMAN heritage quest line.

humanity is more then Stormwind the quest line did not have to be a copy paste of the Orc heritage quest line but they could have done better then another Stormwind Centric questline.

If i was a developer i would have created a questline centered on the history of the Arathi and the history of the Eastern kingdoms with input from the current leaders of the human factions including Vanessa van Cleef.

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Make Arathi Great Again

Remember when Stromgarde fell due to betrayal of the ruling family? I remember. Good times. I wish more human nations suffer this fate.

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