Did Xavius break the Arbiter?

Just noticed on my second run through of the storyline that Ysera was one of the last souls to enter Ardenweald. Could that mean that Xavius was the red soul that broke the arbiter? Apologies if this has already been discussed, could find it on search but I doubt I’m the first to think it.

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Possibly, both ursoc and ysera put the timeline of being from legion onwards and sylvanas motivations in bfa seem to alude it was either early bfa or pre bfa.

Why him specifically doesn’t make sense story wise to me but the suggestion that it was him from what we know does fit.

He is a demon by virtue of being a satyr however so should not according to the lore end up in the shadowlands at all, instead going to twisting nether.

A shot in the dark grasp at straws idea to explain it could be that’s the deal light made with enemy of all, cleansed his soul making him a non demon so that he could break the machine and fuel the maw. But it’s kinda clutching at straws.

You know what? If it had to be from someone dying in that time frame i would it was Kiljaeden, despite also being a demon, he was killed in the nether, the demon is gone entirely, we don’t know what happens to the souls of those who become demons later in life when they die in the mether, it might be possible the pre demonic KJ went to shadowlands.

That all depends on it being a death, for all we know it was just a planned attack by denathrius for the jailers plan, possibly garrosh related.

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Anything could be.

When Xavius was killed, his body was a normal night elf one for some reason.

Interview that mentioned that the “machine of Death” was broken in the Legion time frame also had a line about “Sylvanas had a hand in it” which could mean both being involved or just capitalizing on the result.

During the pre-patch in the Nathanos - Tyrande cinematic, his “Oh, Tyrande” was really odd, because I am not sure how could he possibly know about what was going on in that side of the story, and their involvement could explain the thing.

While being weak, there could be something else about Xavius.

Xavius, running from one master to the next, scrambling for power, yet defeated again and again. The God of the Deep picks a poor champion? Or, is there something else at play?

So, maybe. Who knows how the devs will unwrap this story.

gl hf

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When a being tied to a certain magic dies in the “home plane”, it dies completely, whatever that means.

Velen maybe did something to him, so it would be possible. After all, the draenei prophet is arguably the strongest priest on Azeroth currently. Perhaps like he was able to revert the state of M’uru’s core, he could also do something similar in this scenario.

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They will need to retcon many things since Xavius was killed by Malfurion in Well of Eternity novel, then he was killed by Malfurion in Dragon soul, and killed a third time in Novel Stormrage, by :smirk: Malfurion, and finally killed by us in Legion :stuck_out_tongue:

And this raises the question as to why would Xavius break the machine of death? What’s special about him?

Maybe Malfurion did it, so he could keep on killing Xavius :smiley:

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No it was joe who broke it

I think people may be overthinking it. Didn’t Denathrius drop hints like crazy that he was the one that had caused the entire anima drought?

yeah becuse he kept it to him self, and didnt share anything whit the rest at all.

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Yes, that is a possibility, in addition to what Denathrius said, the color of the soul that disabled the arbiter was bright red.

That’s not the same as causing it.
Unwillingness to share the one he extracts in Revendreth, isn’t what causes anima drought in other realms.

If he is mentioned as cause for the drought, he must have had a more active role. One that somehow affected the anima flowing towards Bastion, Ardenweald, and Maldraxxus.

I still think that any soul but Argus’ soul, who is the appointed titan of Death (I’m still curious how titans can be of other cosmic forces considering they’re all arcane, do they assign these to themselves?) is simply too insignificant to be able to take out the arbiter.

Considering how ‘orderly’ (arcane=order) the Arbiter has made the shadowlands it wouldn’t suprise me if Arbiter was created by Argus and we broke the machine of death by defeating Argus, It wasn’t until after that, that we had Azerite upwellings and Sylvanas started the wars to feed the maw, as if it was some sort of sign for her to act on

I think it was Nzoth who’s essence flew in

Too recent, Ysera and Ursoc were among the last souls to arrive in Ardenweald, which puts breaking the Arbiter near the end of Legion. The Teldrassil dead arrived in the maw, so prior to the death of N’zoth as well.

We’ve killed Old Gods before though, and none of those instances seemed to break the machinery of the Shadowlands. I’m also not entirely certain that their souls (assuming they have souls at all) would go there, rather than back to the Void.

Xavius could make sence if he worked whit the jailer, considering he did have a grudge whit night elfs, and if you look what Sylvanas did it could make sence they in some way worked togheter.

But then if you look back, it seems the Arbiter was broken before that already, becuse elune directly transfered ysera there, what could meen the arbiter was broken there, or offcourse that elune wanted to make sure ysera got there.

My theory here is that Ysera combined whit Elune broke the Arbiter, when ysera whent evil she did become reddish also, what could be that yseras real body was saved buy elune and move to ardeweld and yseras evil side, whent flying braking the Arbiter, so in theory this could meen it was planed buy Xavius all along.

With Warcraft lore, it’s best to look to the most obvious answer and assume that’s the answer.

Who will be Warchief after Garrosh? Vol’jin.
Who burned down Teldrassil? Sylvanas.

Etc. etc… Blizzard will try and be cryptic whilst also giving direct answers in front of our faces. The most logical answer would be either Argus, or Denathrius/Jailer shenanigans, and so you can bet money on it being one of them.

Xavius hasn’t been relevant for a few expansions now and isn’t that major a villain even in the expansion he was featured in (one patch), so I doubt the goat lad would have another grand scheme.

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