Did you nerf some Rich Thorium nodes?

I noticed that two usually Rich Thorium nodes in Burning Steppes are missing, one just never spawns, the other only ever spawns as Dark Iron now.

One that could also be mithril sometimes that doesn’t ever spawn now is (was) directly at the cave entrace in the south-west, the other that is dark iron now instead is right on the western side of the entrance from Redridge, near the wyrmkins there.

Random stuff is random. Others farm too.

At least it gives you something to do in your long BG queue.

I think I found two more disabled nodes:
The one at the graveyard next to Kibler and the one in Cyrus’ cave. These have never spawned so far either and I’ve done a lot of rounds.
I’ve been an avid ore farmer and I know all the nodes out of my head, this seems totally as if Blizzard has removed them for good. Which is a really bad idea if true, as the total spawn frequency seems unchanged so it won’t make up for the large % loss in mined ore. Actually it makes the mining profession pretty bad regarding Thorium-mining, as nodes in Silithus are way too annoying to use as an alternative. With the very low Arcane Crystal prices in TBC it feels like a very unrewarding task to try and spot the few veins that are left now, and there is already an unusually bad thorium shortage in our AH where no supply is coming in even during days where demand fore ore usually dips. Blizzard, get your **** together please.

It also seems as if there is now way too much dark crap ore in Burning Steppes compared to Searing Gorge - in the past Burning Steppes had (almost?) exclusively useful ore nodes rather than darkcrap ore.

ive noticed heavily reduced rich thorium spawns in winterspring too, on the demon area in classic i could get 1-2 arcane crystals per hour there even with 5-10 more people farming, now as a solo lvl 70 i only got 4x nodes in 35 mins without anyone else farming them (that area is meant to have 2-3 nodes up at all times)

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exactly my thoughts

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