Did you notice that Melee bias?

Just by looking at the last patch pvp tuning :

  • Druid
    - Feral
    Regrowth healing is now reduced by 20% in PvP combat (was 43%).

But this is not applyed to the balance druid ?

Feral don’t lose anything when interrupt
But balance can’t cast any other nature spell like wrath etc

How is that fair ? i don’t know since balance druid have less defensive than feral druid

feral used to get 20% less healing on regrowth because they could instant it without being kicked

It’s just to boost more melee into shuffle than ranged

Oh and if not convinced look Solo Shuffle EU stats :

drustvar. com/leaderboard/solo-shuffle-stats/eu

4481 melees
2581 ranged

I don’t see a reason why you should play a ranged when there’s so many melees

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ill agree on that theres no reason to play shuffles, or especially as range :slight_smile:

i would rather try build comp for arena for those than go suffer shuffle q to be trained by melee all day and when theyre on my team they dont understand play as team so it just all builds up on your nerves in the end and nothing else

some wizard cleave or shadowplay is 100% more fun than playing range with some random boy in shuffles who just rolled his dh or arms there and doesnt have a clue that he can press buttons while you kite their whole team.

i cant think of nothing better than them perhaps fighting each other or withstand little longer ques than current for their class choises for the most popularly played in shuffles

Coz their regrowth already heal x2 or x3 of ferals regrowth in pvp

It’s not defensive stuff for feral. ~40k after finisher its a joke for solo content

The fact that in this context you did not post statistics about feral and balance is very funny. How many ferals and boomy 1.8+ are there in soloshuffle?

  • 1st the Regrowth nerf does not apply to balance to begin with but only towards feral.
  • 2nd thing is Cat form = no armor , Owl form = huge armor.
  • 3th thing boomie gets innervate, 0,7 sec cast clones, disarm, typhoon and silence and so on.
    Also about clone Ferals have to hard-cast it 1.7 seconds and exit form and if the cast fails , goodjob you lost another global getting back in cat form…
    Also being pushed you can cast Cyclone from the safety of your owl form, as feral you cant cast in bear form.
    How is it unfair exactly if anything boomies are daddies favourite gurl :frowning:

Last time I checked, just like enhance shamans. Feral druids also got instant cast regrowths as procs for just doing their rotation too :clown_face: rewarded for doing bare minimal as per usual typical blizz.

If my memory serves me well, at one point in wow’s life span it was very obnoxious, but then again. Druid as a stand alone class has been obnoxious by just how it plays for a few expansions now, theres very little to realistically kick as it stands. Bar cyclone, which is usually a confirmed cast if theres nobody else there to play the “goal keeper” and stop him from getting a free kick

Dude, what are you even saying?

Im so tired of these moronic made-up standard of yours, like, entirely biased on your own opinion.
Like im starting to even notice a pattern:

  • Find a niche, where people will be completely shocked at your made-up problem
  • Comment some made- up moralle or standard or idk how to call it
  • Scratch your furry forehead cause thats not even a proper argument.
    Feral has had the exact same proc for since vanilla and it got nerfed to not cast instant clones but overall its been the same since the down of time.

Id like to correct you we’re not getting rewarded, healing abilities ARE part of our rotation as hybrids, just like retri/ prot pala and enh shamans.
Offhealing would usually come out with the price of losing pressure/dps, extra globals and so on- and fair enough because its not so great either way.
Why am I saying this ? - well I wonder what your reaction will be when you find out how much and to be precise, how furry warriors are healing themselves and dks too.
Shocking right ?

I actually cant believe people are crying over hybrid getting one out of its 3 healing abilities unnerfed by 5-8k extra healing xd Like every 3-4 globals feral is gonna heal instead of 23k , its gonna heal 30k ~ on a 900k health pool.
Big scandal!

You da real sperg-champion Vulrin, wish i could personally give you an award.
This is probably the 6th comment you write that I barely even find any other motive of your rather than being a forum prick.

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I mean yeah, its biased obviously, its based on my opinion what of it. I’ve played this game longer than you were in diapers for, I’m pretty old & Jaded when it comes to wow knowledge, but still more up to date than your average joe by every means and any means and thats all that matters (to me). You’re welcome to disagree, I’m just giving my opinion.

I was just contributing to the Original poster, idc what anyone else has to say. I’ve seen the game at its best and its worst, druid is a sleeper class. Its never doing poor and always eating better than what people realise.

People choose not to look at it, cause its not running a mock like it was when it was buffed by 33% during Legion :clap: and people were running double ferals. Shocker.
To my knowledge, if you’re not having to spend mana to cast a spell, its instant and doesn’t force you to even shift, thats sounds pretty rewarding, if you ask me.

As someone who has to spend energy to heal, take a very minor amount of damage reduction or even get attack speed. I would happily trade my tool kit, for yours. Every day of the week. Last thing I want to do, is have to afk wait for energy cause I decided to play defensive.

If feral, boomie and shaman want to be treated like a dps spec maybe they should have the same amount of healing as a monk or rogue or arms warrior, one button every half a minute or little heals you can actively use for a resouce which you rely on to dps–Maybe also be possible to disarm or smth or atleast do reduced damage when disarmed, yikes.

Not to even go into discussion about how you cant root druid full stop.
Druid will always be eating good and the class design will always be borderlining degenerate, but that can be applied to most melee and wizards in 2023, its just smash face on keyboard and do 120k dps sustained for 30 seconds through CC / Disarm.

Same for wizards with kick being pseudo meaningless, you basically have to line incarn vs boomie too like its a BFA destro or smth.

Comparing druid healing or druid anything to dk / warrior is like comparing apples to oranges, sure they’re all melee, but warriors and dks can be shut down more pro-actively by a singular player, than a druid ever can, even if its just little things. Like Roots.

Druid has very prominent uptime with a wide selection of defensive options even in its “pety” state as it stands right now.

Druid is more comparable to a monk / dh unironically with how frequent they can be up in your grill and they way those are designed isn’t any better either. A class which is better off dead than viable just for mental health’s sake.

Thanks for coming to my ted talk

Also don’t you have some hill to afk on in a pvp wq area so you can meld shapeshift / goblin glider in a loosing situation?

Boomkin already has like a 50% BUFF to regrowth in PvP since last season. Boomkins can easily get 100k Regrowths, when Ferals have 30k Regrowths. Now Ferals will have 35k Regrowths hopefully. :smiley:

Let’s not forget Boomkins also have Bear Regen heal for 25% of HP and Feral has it heal for 12%. Also let’s not forget there is a talent called “HotW” which Boomkins can actually take cause it’s actually good for them, makes Regrowths heal for 200k for them, gives them another regen, where Ferals can’t even use it cause it turns 40k Regrowths in 50k Regrowths. :smiley:

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Hhahahahahaha. This is either the best joke of the day or the dumbest thing of the day. You want to swap a 30k heal after using 5 CP on a spec that has the highest downtime due to lacking energy and CP for evasion and cloak of shadows and vanish and smoke bomb and duel and your 20 different CCs? How about you try creating a Feral. :smiley:

You do know that last season AVG Feral healing was equal to Rogue healing? You do know that Warriors do 2x-3x more healing than a Feral and Rogue combined? Do you even play this game? You say the dumbest things and it seems you got stuck in Classic? These ain’t Hardcore Forums mate.

Wide section? What section is that? We are the squishest spec in the game by far. Last season stats proved that and we’ll probably soon see this season stats show the same. Our defensive options are - RUN AWAY!

You mate are clueless about EVERYTHING. You don’t even seem to be playing the same expansion as everyone else if you claim feral heals more than Warriors. :smiley: I’d LOVE to heal as much as Warriors do, please “NERF” us to heal as much as Warriors do. What a waste of time. Muting you cause reading your comments is a waste of time with the amount of misinfo in them and the time wasted trying to look up everything you said wrong.


This has been the goofiest shlt ive ever red.
Make a feral.
All im gonna say.
Feral used to oom a patch ago too,
same with energy regen. Read the tooltip of Ferocious Bite please.
Id happily trade my healing for your 2x vanishes + 2 immunities and the fact that Shadowstrike and Cheap shot go through 100% dodge/parry defensives.


I am not.

Also its funny that you talk like its illegal for the class to be good even though it isnt.
If anything a rogue shouldnt never complain about feral. Rogue design is years ahead of ferals.


Yes this is gaming forums in a nutshell… most people will take extreme examples or made stories and then make stupid takes and if you tey to argue they either move the goal post or find a new lie. Honestly its your fault for getting into those stupid topics with sweaty trolls… you gain nothing.

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