Didn't get gear from the Cache Of Awakened Treasure

When I opened my Cache Of Awakened Treasure I got a Flame-Warped Curio ilvl 441 and not a piece of 493 gear as the Cache Of Awakened Treasure said.
So I contacted the support to see if they could do something about it, when I got a answer back from them that it was a known issue that the developers was working on fixing but they could not replace or provide new gear.
Then I wrote back to them that if it is a known issue why didn’t they just switch my Flame-Warped Curio for a new Cache Of Awakened Treasure.
Then I got told to click on a link they gave me to a us forum and post that I got a Flame-Warped Curio, but since I am on the EU Realm I can’t post on a us forum.
When I wrote back and was told to post it on a forum.
The first time I contacted the support was 04/24/2024, so what happens now can I get a new Cache Of Awakened and can I get a new one before Wednesday.
I have talked to othere players what the got from the Cache and all of them got gear.

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