Died due to weird sever lag

I got weird server lag earlier this evening. All the mobs and NPCs disappeared while my character could still move. Tried to log out, nothing happened. Typed /reload, the NPCs didn’t appear. And then I saw in the chat that my character died. I could still move my character for few minutes before I finally got the disconnect message. I was level 12. I was in the building with the 1 mob in Blackwell Pumpkin Patch. I think the mob was around level 8. I wonder if I had used Alt+F4 immediately when I noticed the lag would have saved my character.


Today were so many lag spikes, sad


This is happening all the time this day. Not for all but for many people. Char just freezes but can see others moving around even the mobs. The freeze lag can be from 5-25 sec. I also noticed it being caused when you getting party invites. Blizzard fix this asap, this is on your side.

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Yeah. There are a lot of lag spikes after the long maintenance that apparently fixed things that weren’t broken. Sometimes various NPCs take like 5 seconds to respond. Sending a mail can lag. This morning I noticed there is like 4 sec spell casting lag. Immediately HSed.

It’s not playable like that!

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Seems like pets lag for approx 7 secs on changing zones.
Noticed spell slowed.

Maintenance is supposed to fix bugs, not introduce new ones.


And loading the Deeprun Tram zone takes unusually long time.
I also noticed delay when clicking on quest givers.
I was in a group, the other player was lagging behind when crossing the border between zones (I don’t know whether they experienced any lag, it’s just how I saw their movement).
I’ll add to this list when I remember more of the numerous issues yesterday.

The server has been laggy, en the loading screans long and wierd ever since the last reset.

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Been getting the same, yesterday evening in Duskwood / Westfall and this morning in Duskwood. As above:

. Landing at a FP, hang in the air above the FP for 5 - 10 secs or more
. changing zones, client seems ok but if you try to do anything you realise you are phased out or w/e, nothing works
. attacking mobs, abiities “stick” and nothing happens for some seconds
. was just in a party in Duskwood and we all lagged out at the same time, one guy DC’ed but others stayed in game but “stuck”, like me.

Not happy playing while things are like this, if it’s the same later I’ll have to go back to retail until it gets sorted.

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I am glad it wasn’t me and my internet connection, at least I don’t have to change provider. I managed to level to 10 last night after my character died due to the lag and I wonder whether it’s safe to continue playing tonight.

Lost lvl 37 due to this lag last night, talked to some people one lost his 49… I saw mobs around me hitting me, my hp going down but I couldnt do anything, abilities and pots didnt work when I click on them.


This is happening for EVERYONE… it really needs to be fixed… you cant lag for 8 seconds straight and expect to live in HC.

I was lucky i was in party within a cave, my char seemed to lag out… none of my abilities would work - it was stuck in a constant cast mode for about 8 seconds… then everything just zoomed and caught up and i had 30% health… luckily the paladin in my group healed me or i would have lost lvl 34 char…

This 100% needs to be fixed ASAP or could ruin the entire experience for everyone.

Everyone in my guild getting the same problem too, like 20+ people… so its defo a server problem and not individual.

Please fix fast.

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Hi there,

Just for awareness we’ve moved one of the threads from here over to the Customer Support forum where we’ll provide more info and updates when possible:


Yeah, insane lag on Stitches, lag arround 5sec but arround 30 sec too. I just almost die at level 58 on eastern plagueland cause of this issue.

Please fix this, after 2 days it should be fix it’s the week-end

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huge lags all day long on nek’rosh, escaped death only cause we play in group, 2 of us

same lags on wotlk realms btw…

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same issues on wotlk realms too =\

Billion dollar company btw.
Hardcore realm is unplayable with this stupid lag. The interns and outsourcing people seem to be best solution as a billion dollar company right?? Actually stupid that I even bother with this trash game and company. Go suck bobbys coc even more actual trash people

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Today I died because of serverlag (Nek’rosh - Alliance).
I heard my character getting hit, I ran … and ran … and ran …
I tried to use Bubble, I tried to use potion, I tried to use LoH … I heard the sound of LoH an nothing happened …

Best thing … I got out of combat … could use my mount … and then …

Just look at it: https: // postimg. cc/XryP0mJv
(Had to break it up, because I can’t include links …)

I am fine with dying in HC because of my own fault.
I am fine with “go agane”, If I make a mistake … but that …

280 Blacksmithing (incl. Armorsmithing) / 245 Mining
225 Cooking / 200 Fishing

What the hell is that … no warning in login screen, no servermessage … nothing …
This is legit a “quit moment” … why …

I kindly request some kind of answer according this issue.
Have to say that my will to play is broken beyond repair …


I died to your incompetent server hosting as well, in this case you should be rolling characters back hella fast, noone will “go agane” after this.

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They won’t be rolling back any characters … that is a given.
If they do that, they kind of show, that they are at fault with these lags … so …

I am still baffled … I love the mode, I love the community in it and I love the “you have one chance” … but …

Just for me a “go agane” won’t happen, until there is some kind of official response … I mean HC and having something as important as lag being out of your control … and not being at fault, because the whole server has the problem …

I didn’t realize that there are lags - there was no launcher message, no server message (the yellow thing), anything at all … why have all these things if they are not used …

I would be fine with any kind of official response … something … but I am sure that they will just “weather the storm” and be done with it …

And therefore, there will be only one choice for many like me: “not go agane” … and I hate it … most fun in WoW I had for a long time … but that situation is like seeing your partner cheat … you might forgive him, but you won’t forget and you will not go back …

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