Died on flight

Same here Mage lvl 53… I logged back and found the character dead.


Unlucky guys, feel free to start over again

Just like people who haven’t cloned their characters and blizzard just removed their opportunity to play classic era

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Had same issue https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CYyAXhgcaW0

hoped for casual flight to tanaris to get ready for tomorrow leveling :frowning:

I also almost died. I was alt tabbed during the flight to darnassus from feralas, then i alt tab back and i see that i am falling from the sky in stonetalonn mountains. Thanks to my quick reaction i activated bubble like 2 meters of the ground… Then in death log i saw so many people dying from falling, drowning…

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I died flying over wetlands. I spent all the day fishing without moving because the lag, and when i went to wetlands to change the fishing spot i die during the flight. thats not fair at all. thats not harcore. there was not a simple advice from blizzard for this.
Many people on my guild have die at the same time because they were on gryphon flight. My body is in a unreacheble place. * Theoretically players cant get of the gryphon. im pretty sure Blizzard could do a rollback with conditions.
Level 35 druid

Let’s continue our discussion in this thread where it’s more likely to receive any official response from Blizzard:

Diede Yesterday sams way flyng to thunderbluff disconnected and at log in i was falling tò death … this issue Is known by 2004 and die by fly Was super annoing and sad…
Blizzard only replay we not resurrect for any reason…
so fix It or find a solution to this problem or fix it


I just got disconnected playing HC at 47lvl while i was flying and when i logged in the flying mount dissapeared and fall and die from the sky to the mountains of Wetlands… THIS IS LAME and this should not be part of the game blizzard should fix it and rollback all characters died like this ! Also they should provide HC revives on conditions like this were there is a game bug failure. People spending money and lifetime on this Blizzard has to protect them also and not making them accept conditions only that they will not revive anyone for any reason .

It sucks indeed. However, you consent to blizzard not reviving chars under any circumstances when you create a toon.

You can cry about it, but it won´t change anything :frowning:

Just give an item named parachute, so ppl can avoid death by falling. make it cost some mats and make it dissapear after using.

I did not read the small print, but they must mention with big red letters. You are risking to waste a lot of time and your money cos of bugs like falling from gryphon, its big chance to happen.
Otherwise its a trap, who would expect game ending bugs like that?

They don´t need to do sht^^you play this game mode on your own accord and at your own risk. Sucky as that may be.

Most people are tapped out or afk whilest on the flight, so that does not make it better.

They can just give a No Fall Damage buff when you are on a flying path it is simple and easy . But the only they have to say is sorry and go cry in a forum with others . They do not care at all and we pay every month 20+years now. Plus making people sign contracts just to take their tail out of all deaths provide more information about how much they care about the game and this servers which always lags and has bugs like this!

Its like saying that there is a resturang in your area who are known for ppl getting food posioning, but you go there because they give you pills who will help if you get sick that you can use.

Hold them responsible for what happening instead. Or would you go to that resturang?

Patch notes from October 25.

(With realm restarts) Added additional protections to prevent some deaths via flight-path disconnects. Now when you take a taxi, a protection aura is placed on you that prevents all damage, your hearthstone cooldown is reset, and your hearthstone spell is insta-cast.

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When someone come to that “resturang”from other place without knowing you can get poisoned? Or before going to top “resturang” have to do deep research about it?
Not everyone sitting in forums and watching videos about wow, btw it’s minority who does it, these forums aint that active I would say.

Yeah i opened a ticket 3 days ago and told them how to correct the bugs and they did exactly what i told them to do. This is big joke… a bunch of developers can not figure out such sollutions and they get payed for that ! So frustraiting !

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Isent there alot of ppl on the forums?! Damn… I havent notice that. Clearly you dident get my point but its alright! :wink: