Hardcore servers lag [20/09]

Well how about displaying a warning message in the launcher as it is done for maintenance or other issues.

Just died on my main as I didn’t notice any issues when logging in startet attacking → disconnect and dead…

Today I died because of serverlag (Nek’rosh - Alliance).
I heard my character getting hit, I ran … and ran … and ran …
I tried to use Bubble, I tried to use potion, I tried to use LoH … I heard the sound of LoH an nothing happened …

Best thing … I got out of combat … could use my mount … and then …

Just look at it: https: // postimg. cc/XryP0mJv
(Had to break it up, because I can’t include links …)

I am fine with dying in HC because of my own fault.
I am fine with “go agane”, If I make a mistake … but that …

280 Blacksmithing (incl. Armorsmithing) / 245 Mining
225 Cooking / 200 Fishing

What the hell is that … no warning in login screen, no servermessage … nothing …
This is legit a “quit moment” … why …

I kindly request some kind of answer according this issue.
Have to say that my will to play is broken beyond repair …


They should absolutely be rolling back characters as fast as possible, I’m even furious about my lvl 10 that I just restarted on, can’t imagine losing your main to this.

Losing progress on Hardcore because of an internet provider or a server-side issue shouldn’t be acceptable. I’ve lost my main level 30 hunter on Stitches yesterday, because I dc’d with a single lvl 29 mob on me, while at full health with my pet well above half the hp.
10 days of careful and methodical play and grinding gone to a technical hiccup, not even one on my end.
There’s no point in starting a new character either, as there’s no telling it wouldn’t be lost the same way, potentially even further down the road. Unless there’s a rollback, that’s a quits for me.


A multi dollar company


you mispelled billion.

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It’s a meme…

This is crazy

You used 10 days to level 30 as a hunter lmao


Just had a wave of people die on Stitches due to lag-related deaths e.g. dying to lava in IF, falling from gryphons and fatigue.
Currently stuck in BRD, unable to leave the instance as I’m typing this due to Transfer Aborted: instance not found.

Omg stop literary taking every word said, some people lost their chars and they did invest 10 days in it. People are playing game as it should be played taking time and doing side things, he maybe was playing 1 hour a day for 10 days or he did 10 hours a day it doesnt matter at all to this subject.


it seems location related. Was playing fine in darkshore and gnomeregan. Super laggy in SW and literally unplayable in STV.
Right now tried to port to SW from darn, got stuck in loading screen and then got the message “transfer aborted: Instance not found”.
Hope they manage to fix this mess, like WTF?!

gg serverlag into Deadge

Let’s continue our discussion in this thread where it’s more likely to receive any official response from Blizzard:

Nek’rosh is just getting worse. Most geared mage just died due to it.

A LOT of people just died on Stitches realm.

Some of the worst lag I’ve seen so far. I’m one of the lucky ones.

I Just dead on 60 lvl mage
Just dissconnect under mobs and DIED LOL

People dying like flies Blizzard. Maybe take down the servers or communicate ingame so people log out? Haha this is hillarious! What is this support you giving your subscribers.

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I see they are making server restart tonight between 3 and 4 am
Another subject I would mention is whats with grace period for when we get DC for example im back in que instead of instantly logging on and maybe saving char

HC Stitches, approx 12:10am. I was steadily clearing a cave with my lvl 26 hunter - making sure my escape route was clear. Then, the game freezes for 10secs. Suddenly, all the cave re-spawned and started pummeling me. RIP