Different fun mmos


What’s the best mmorpg to get into right now besides WoW? Does ESO still have an active enough community to make it a worthwhile time investment?
Please tell me about the different Western mmos since the state of WoW is BLERGHH.

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You can get an overview of the diffferent MMORPGs here:

There’s a plethora of MMORPGs. The genre does envelop quite a few games.
I haven’t tried ESO, but if you’re curious, then check it out?
Personally I’d probably give SW:ToR another spin if I wanted to check out another MMORPG. I played it back when it was released, but it lacked content and polish to keep me interested. But with years of post-release development I imagine it’s a very solid game today - a nice game for sure for any Star Wars fan.

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I’ve only ever found Final Fantasy 14 enjoyable next to WoW

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