Disable Enemy Nameplate debuff click-through

Hi all

I would like to disable possibility to click debuffs over enemy nameplate like it was in SL.
It causing problem with moving camera if there are plenty of mobs around with my dots.

Prefer to not use any complex addon for that like TidyPlates or other.

Already found little addon Remove_Nameplate_Debuffs which just hiding this frame with
but I would like to keep the icons to better track, just not be able to click on it.

Does no one have a fix for this? Incredibly annoying to play like this. When there’s a billion mobs on your screen (especially as a tank main) you pretty much can’t right click to move your camera because there’s always something in your face.

When and why was this changed? I don’t want to use an addon to fix this because addons like the one mentioned above change the visuals of the enemy nameplates.

It happen on pre-patch. Unnecessary “quality of life” change which brings troubles.
Still don’t have solution.

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