%disadvantage versality trinket (MW)

Today it’s been a year since the spec became garbage :clinking_glasses:

You are getting outperformed due to versality scaling


Why u comment Ur own poste with 3 chars cringe

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Didnt you say that MW was OP and everyone was meta-lying to keep MW down? And now you call for “hotfixes”? Obvious troll was always obvious.

Are you even serious? MW is OP due to all this mobility, unkickable channeled healing and 999999999hp cocoon. If anything, it should be nerfed by removing teleport and reducing cocoon 2x.

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I think that MW>hpaladin.

A DH just have to press ‘‘the hunt’’ and MW is low hp. its even ignoring armor for some reason

MW for sure aint op. they are playable in 2s but lack behind the meta healers quite a bit. if u ask me there spot compared to other healers is similar to the spot of our speccs compared to other melee dd´s. like how many mw do you face at 1.9cr? i almost face none and when i do if i remember right i won all the games by killing the monk.

You’re serious? Basically all melees break through it in a matter of seconds…

Not many, but those I do play really well and are hard to kill. I guess they just need too much skill for most people to bother.

Unless he double rolls / teleports / stuns / incaps you all the time.

… and it’s stunned for 10+ seconds ez, so nothing happens.

And after that you press Fel Eruption :arrow_forward: Eyebeam and the game is won

according to my calculations ( Versality scaling )

The unfairness is at 17%

Some mw still play high maybe u should watch there streams

i had an ‘‘enlightenment’’ a while ago

it might just be the trinket setbonus whose destroying the spec
; reduce mw’s physical damage taken by 13-17%
( or remove the trinket setbonus which would fix the game generally )

also the specs mastery scaling is to good for the SL stats
( reduce healing by 10% )

manaregeneration needs a big nerf you could also reduce its mana by 20% while pvp

or slow the manaregeneration to 75% while arena

also paralysis needs its dr removed so the spec can have comps
( or fix dk )

  1. No, it doesn’t need that.
  2. Don’t think it really needs this either.
  3. No, if your partner is not doing enough damage to kill something that normally an issue with them as players than the class, there are so exceptions to this though. Warrior is not one of them.
  4. Hell no, that would be broken. Also you can play MW with alot of different classes, you just have to use your Incap more carefully and watch the DR’s.

Like I told you before MW struggles due to not having any dmg mitigation for it’s team. Outside Cocoon all it can do vs heavy damage is spam out raw healing. If they gave it another Def CD that has dmg mitigation it would be more viable.

You are not even playing mistweaver

it obvously needs it when the enemy holypaladin is oom while i’m @60% mana

it has damage prevention, stop listening to the videos

I’ve played it before, I know how it works thanks.

Not entirely, interesting you say that because a Paladin is better than a MW at the moment in arena, do you even know why?

I’ll tell you, it has the strongest damage mitigation in the game. That’s why.

So out side of Cocoon what mitigation does it have for it’s teammates? It has mitigation for itself yes. But what does it have for it’s DPS in arena? other than the raw healing output?

It’s not really something you need to watch a video on either, it’s pretty clear when you compare it to the other healers. Rdruids had a similar problem in S1, but to a lesser degree. They struggled with heavy burst damage because outside of Iron Bark with isn’t that great of a CD anyway, they didn’t have any other mitigation for their DPS.

You should probably learn where the weaknesses in MW actually are instead of rambling on the forums making up problems like the trinket set bonus is why MW is weak compared to others etc.

Its damave prevention is Disarm and Peaceweaver

Early BfA don’t count it was S tier

Idk why but alot of 𝓔𝓵𝓲𝓽𝓮 player are lying about the tierlists, its MW>Hpaladin

Peaceweaver is not very good as a defensive, it’s mainly used for the Revival CD reduction from what I understand. Plus it only works against magic.

That’s not a damage mitigation CD btw. it’s a utility cooldown. It can be useful yes, but not as useful as you seem to think. It’s only particularly effective against classes that deal physical damage classes that need the weapon to use certain abilities, Rogues, Warriors, Hunters for example. It’s not that useful in WW’s, DK’s, DH or Paladins for and is completely useless into any caster. WW’s only require a weapon for a few select abilities, most are done without. DKs, Pally and DH’s deal the Majority of their damage through magic. Frost Magic, Holy Magic and Chaos Magic.

Damage mitigation as in blanket % damage reduction, against everything. Pain Suppression for example.

Also, it’s really not. If a Paladin rotates his CD’s with his DPS like they’re suppose to you will struggle to kill them. As dampening mounts BoP and Sac still work to their fullest, your healing output will diminish and you only have Cocoon. The Paladin can deal with the damage longer than a MW can and more effectively if they play correctly.

Also you can check the 2s statistics, there’s almost 3x as many Hpallys in 2s than MWs.

It was S tier when you got your 2.1k in BFA too btw so I guess you’re experience on it doesn’t count either. The only things above it in S+ were Hpallys, and priests due to Ineffable Truth and Vers modifiers.

Is mw so bad?

where’s the hotfix?