Disappointed in Blizz and what they do to frost DK

Well how do i put this. First… Blizz you just lost a sub.
Had several discussions with streamers, pro players etc around the net concerning frost DK, and they all said be patient wait for balance etc etc, but i saw it coming. 2H eye candy to make the kiddies shut up “i said”!! As i was expecting, frost dk cannot be redeemed and this breaks my heart.

Ptr release, beta release and so far absolutely nothing i mean it 0 changes done to actually remedy base issues with frost DK. Terrible GCD still there preventing you from being fluid and efficient, howling blast still on GCD and has terrible low base damage with crappy long dot, so when you have a killing machine proc and a rime proc ready, you use either one of them and have have to wait GCD to do another thing it is terrible and that is just one of too many things. The new runes added are a joke, seriously why not just put back all the wotlk runeforge and be done with it instead of this bs because honestly i see 0 effort here.

Breath of sindragosa still there, i mean seriously stop just stop. Why do you stupidly keep forcing Breath build onto us when each year we keep telling you that it is terrible and we do not want that. “Does english not read correctly on your screens?”

You made lichborne baseline ok np, you put back ghoul, you put DnD and DC in frost, AMZ you just added more buttons to press again without fixing the main problems. We still have terrible mobility, terrible sustain, terrible defense and you keep making us into the terrible sluggish high downtime class that no one wants to play.

Finally why do you ignore all the thousands of great ideas your community is offering and instead keep pursuing the stupid voice in your heads that keeps telling you everything is ok stay the course??

You probably should have put this in the frost dk class section rather than the realm section.

I am unable to post there for whatever reason, same for beta discussion section. Apparently either i am being blocked for voicing out my views on the matter or its a bug who knows.

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