Disc priests, whats wrong?

Why is Blizzard so much enjoying ignoring Discipline spec?
Last hotfix/patch notes about something revolving around disc priests were on 3.june.(or some around that day).
Why when I’m suposted to heal through Attonement while i got only 3 healing spells (4 with holy nova) and Holy priest out- damage my whole burst with 3 crits of a smite ffs?
Absolutely no love for this class, Dmg reductions we got are miserable on high cooldowns.
Disc: Some fine in PVP but Holy still outclasses us by miles for 5th expansion in a row.
Smite dmg: Same EQ same stats Disc: with my gear around 1300-1500dmg per smite- 3k/4k per crit.
Holy: 3000-4500dmg per HIT crits around 9-10k, Holy doesn’t even heal through dmg so why it’s more dmg oriented then Disc which literally got 3 dmg spells.
Disc priests need some attention, at least some hotfix with flat % heal/dmg increase.
Holy priests still overwhelm in healing, dmg, shielding and defensive cd’s, cooldown resets, cooldown reduction and mana efficiency.
Please someone correct if I’m wrong.
I’m just crying real tears while watching all the new 20 holy changes compared to 3 disc changes which one of them is just a damn RENAME of talent in newest balance changes!
They nerfed one good thing that made them good in Raid and then ignored the spec through 2 patchs in a row.
TL;DR I still destroy any holy priest that come in my way in arenas and bg’s cuz they don’t know how to play at all.

Honestly it’s 2 - 3 months away from DF.
It is way to late too change a spec/class right now.

Either way, Disco priest looks AMAZING in DF! I look forwards to finally play my priest again i made in Legion…

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We’ll finally have some versatility in choosing on which talents to go.
Ever since Legion you’re running one stable talent comp since it’s the only one compatible, you just swap to evangelism in raid but that’s about it.
It looks like it will be really versatile DMG Dealer with opinion of heals through atonement now.
You will be more versatile as a healer too now since you’ll have access to Prayer of Mending and Flash heal and also apply atonement through Renew while still doing passive dmg and passive dmg increases from your heal spells. Also extending your atonements in new way looks exciting.
Also for now as Season 4 i would just appriciate some Flat increase, no change just flat increase in for example dmg done.
When holy priests cries about stuff they fix things by overpowering them just we Discipline priests are used to be being spitted on so we can deal with being weak. :slight_smile:

just play as holy until df, holy is pretty strong at the moment if you have the right build. disc will prob be better in df.

True, but Disc is just so much more fun to me…
Disc is unique in it’s playstyle.
Holy feels like a bland combination off Rdudu and Rshammy.

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Thats the point, i don’t want to play something i don’t enjoy playing and i generally hate since MoP. The way of playing this game is not suposted to force you to play same spec every damn expansion over and over.
Look it’s not like holy is bad in any way but its just too simple and careless to play. It’s like you give a kid an easy mode in life and go with it…
I rather decided not to play Disc until at least 1 mention in hotfix.
Also, disc better in df? They ain’t give a damn bro. They literally renamed 2 talents and did no changes at all while holy again get 20+ changes.


Holy Priest is in a good place here in Season 4 and they’re going to struggle in DF.

Everyone seems to be on here saying their healing spec is bad all others are great and the truth is all are working, can do the material you want so its just go out and play the one you want…if you don’t like whats going on with one play another, if you liked it then you like it if you don’t then change theres plenty out there.

What we make better for one it always seems to make worse for another…if you pvp and thrash holy priest all the time it cannot always be the other player is no good.


Wdym, Holy priest looks amazing for DF!
Basicly nothing changed to their kit and they only got added more “Uh Oh” buttons.

Pve holy will rain king

It’s awesome! I’m using the Disc spec for PVP only, using the DPS side of the talent tree and will get crit gear further into the expansion.
Been testing it hard throughout the day, yes the DPS is a bit on the low side but with the protections you get with this spec make it fun.
I’m liking it I must say.

Disx should be nr 1 dps healer.

But blizz manages to give similar damage to monks mw that rub half of map in a sec and have more cc than us.

Also shammies outdamage us.

Its pathetic how they cant make priest viable as nr 1 dps of all healers.

Rly thinking after all this years to go mage or hunter first time than make an alt healer.

Probably druid this time around