Disc pvp help

Hey. Trying to learn disc and arena.

I have 26 % versa and can survive quite well unless being focused. But i feel like i’m barely controlling my character. So much cc and interrupts.

Almost every team has a rogue, monk or dh coupled with fire mage, moonboy or elemental shaman. I usually thoughtsteal the polymorph from mages but the melee are always on top of me shutting down every single cast i try to get off. I try to bait the kick, but haven’t had much success there. Anyone got links to good, current disc videos or something that might help me out a bit?

A good disc

You can also look for hydramist on YouTube and Twitch

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the luxury of a disc priest is that you don’t need to bait kicks.
You can heal with 2 schools. If you prefer to use holy, spam mind games or mind control. If they don’t kick they get cced or die, if they kick, you are free to do dmg or heal with penance etc.

also if you are venthyr you get -25% kick duration, which is quite nice

Yeah. Alot of the time i have 2 dps going all out on me and alternating to interrupt both schools, or just get stunned/fear after first silence. Monks, demon hunters and dk’s giving me the biggest problems atm, might also be that they are the classes i have played myself the least and don’t know as well as paladin, warrior, rogue which modt of the time feels manageble. Thanx though.

i think in that case you need to tell your partners stop mongoing and help you.
No healer will survive 2 dps for a prolonged time.
That is not your fault then


Thanx. That was exactly what i was looking for. :slight_smile:

If u get kick penance- shadow mend and radiance for instant burst heal/ and viceveraa

With priest u need to be proactive-reactive works harder.

Time rapture before or at the same time butst cds go in.

If rm go stun/combust instant trinket dome of light.

Try loss pillars as much as u can , fear melee and kite around the corners.

Picking the right talents is a big deal as disc. It sounds like you’re having some issues with 2 melees sitting on you, locking you down. If so, play twist of faith+masochism, along with ultimate radiance pvp talent.

Vs caster teams you can play b&s+castigation. And sometimes you may want masochism+castigation. Nowadays you’ll pretty much play ultimate radiance in every 3s game, and quite a bit in 2s as well. Ideally you wanna have the penance and radiance potency conduits, they help a lot with throughput.

When you’re struggling with cc and interrupts try to focus on your positioning, and dont waste too much time fake-casting. Its often better to be aware of which school interrupt is less punishing, and plan your casts accordingly. Sometimes you dont wanna get locked out on holy, as you wont be able to dispel. And sometimes you dont wanna get locked out on shadow, as you cant use shadow word: death to break cc, or in situations where you need massive healing and you dont have radiance charges available.

If you’re trying to deal with interrupts from 2 dps killing you, try to cast shadow mends first, use radiance–>penance when they kick you, then back to shadow mend. Its also very effective to use rapture and alternate between shield–>smend–>shield–>smend, to keep baiting their kicks.

You should avoid trinity until you’re very comfy with the spec. However if you feel comfy and you’ve gotten to the point where the need for improvement is in the mana efficiency department, trinity is a great talent!


  • twist of faith when you struggle to outheal very often
  • castigation when you dont have to hard-cast heals that much
  • masochism when you’re the main target
  • trinity when your main concern is mana efficiency and dmg is spread among 2-3 targets

Thank you, i will definately try some of your tips. Most of the games at this rating people are going all out with every cooldown they have, and focus one (most of the time me).

There’s a lot of double melee that just throw every snare known to man on me and keep on top of me, interrupting everything i try to do. I have been running trinity, but will try a few games without it. :slight_smile:

I have been caught in some nasty cc chains a couple of games too, so trying to work on my positioning too.

Thanx again!

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