Disc: What % from atonement in M+?

Hey guys,

Would anyone know what is a good approx % of healing to come from atonement to aim for in M+?

I just pugged a +19 DH. It was a bit rough, quite a few deaths, but we timed it. Overall my highest heals were from atonement and radiance, 16% each. The tank (nicely) said they thought I should have more coming from atonement. What do you think?

my overall for AD 19 was 46% from atonement and 15 from radiance. not sure how that info should help you

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My usual is 40%+ from atonement and 20%+ from radiance. It’s a lot of overheal in m+ though. I think you really want to monitor your heals in raid progression way more, in m+ you want your tank to mostly live anyway.

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Ty both. I just realised Details! tracks crit atonement as separate, so was actually 27% from atonement overall. Still seems low compared to yours… will try to figure it out!

Update: Should it be of help to anyone else, I think I figured part of it out - I wasn’t being aggressive enough in resetting the Mindbender CD.
I did a TotT +18 there and got it up to 34% atonement and 19% radiance. Will see if I can get more out of it somehow

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