<Disciple>[Razorgore-alliance] Raid oriented guild


Hello adventurer! We are Disciple and we are looking for more players to join our ranks.
We are all still in the process of leveling our toons, but we are alrady looking for other players we can raid with on 60. We are all adults with adult lifes, so don’t expect to see the whole guild online all day long. We won’t be breaking any records, we won’t raid as often as hardcore guilds but for that reason when we go raiding, we come prepared (as long as Black Temple is not added in the future).
If you are looking for a raiding guild that takes raiding seriously, just not that often, just whisper Biffette, Daebin or Brencik to join or ask more questions!


Hi buddy - looking for some Alliance guilds to team up with once a week in Razorgore for some events. Please reach out to me on discord to discuss this.



Most of us are still in the process of lvling but I will be sure to contact you on Discord.