Disconnected = died. Returning to the game without waiting within 5 minutes

Nah you died in less than 1 min, if you had 2 accounts you could see the process or if you have a friend, tell them to alt f4 in combat on a level 1 and time how long it takes before they just disappear cant remember but I think it was somewhere between 30-60 seconds, sure sucks that you died from the power going out but seeing as it takes most routers around that amount of time to reboot after a power cut you were dead with or without the queue.

Thats allready in but not instant, its like I said at around a min if I dont remember that change wrong from how it have behaved in classic (have some nice screenshots of back then where I managed to have 3 of my chars from the same acount standing outside of a inn at the same time, havent been able to recreate those at all now)


Tired of hearing/reading this excuse. Always sounds more like a time management issue to me. Gaming is a hobby and a hobby requires a certain amount of time. If you aren’t willing to or can’t invest the required time it’s not the games fault.

If there is no challange why bother with it at all?

To be honest, that sentence is total nonsense. In the end, even if a person does everything perfect things might go wrong 'cause of bad luck. Thats called life. If you really think this is a fair point you’ve got A LOT to learn.

But the most fun part about your post is that what I’ve written earlier still holds: If you want bad luck protection do your “personal challange” on Era 'cause there you already have it. If you want to play by the same rules as everyone accept that bad things can happen. There is no in-between, at least none which makes sense to a sane person.

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This time its from blizzard side
After reset day it started and happens to many ppl ive met since yesterday
but ofc there is always ppl who claims obv advice “check your internet lol”
Guys formula is always simple
If something worked normally then “something A” happenes and problem “B” apperared for more than 1 person suddenly
Its not a personal internet issue somehow
Its something from company side as usual in such cases they either made something to “optimize” (read make cheaper) their proccess and we gotta find out how to get better connection (lol) or its just side effect of maintenance which can happen ofc, we just gotta wait untill they pay attention

I guess you are lucky. I died from DC around lvl 20 and since unti today lvl 40 did i get a major laggspike… Haven’t change anything. No new addons and nothing. And everyone in the guild where talking about laggspikes… I think this layering thing cause problems. I see many times 20 plus people DC at once because a layer disconnected.

I could actually know that. I worked in games and implementing online games.

There are a lot of factors actually that works as indicator to diagnose the issue.

today I can say that for sure,
They have one of the following:
DB issues
Servers modules issues
Even implementation issues ?
with such performance I don’t think Blizz enhanced the files to latest technologies to handle more data, vanilla files were 32bit BTW

Like Login gateway is throwing random errors when I’m trying to login. Even after the restart they did at 4:00 AM

I have a degree in rocket science and can tell you for sure that aliens are real and moon landing was a hoax.

Source: Trust me, bro!

That’s a good laugh. This list covers almost everything involved when running a game server. Any software developer no matter his specialization could say something like that.

If we assume Blizzard isn’t lying to us then the first classic release was based on the Legion Expansion Client/Server implementation 'cause they did manage to run the old code but it was incompatible with modern hardware and infrastructure so they had to port it. Following that step they had to modernize the database structure too. They even had a developer panel at BlizzCon where they where talking about that specific challange.

So this assumption of yours can already be proven wrong.

I already told you that there is a lot more involved than just a client software on your end and a server software on their end. Both of which can be totally bug-free and fine and players can still experience connection issues. But still you are just focusing on the server-side which tells me that your knowledge is very limited.

It is impossible to tell with just a client-side point of view where a connection problem originates from. Except the client generates really detailed network traces and can display internal error information from the server (which no serious developer would ever transmit over the network 'cause it’s a high security risk). Any serious developer with experience in developing client-server software should know that.

Since you aren’t willing to accept that I have a very good idea what kind of “developer” you are and how far your “experience” goes. Looks like a Dunning–Kruger issue to me.

I wont comment your teenage mocking/keyboard warriors attitude that really need to prove something for themselves but what I have/don’t.

I will only comment that last technical part.

They did say so but I got no idea if they did/didn’t. from my own experience playing classic they didn’t
since apparently re-writing the infrastructure isn’t something that Blizz. gonna invest there developing power on-which is gonna consume more time than a new expansion make.

So basically from your point of view Client/Server software can be totally good and connecting to server are working smoothly and there can be errors ?!
can you please explain to me what type of errors that you encountered that can be outside of these things for a game?

Edit 23rd of Sept.
Bro why you are not replying you know it all right ?
funny script kid who read some technical stuff and think they know how stuff works

—"Not to be the one, but I have read so many of your comments and I have to say , I am a lucky bastard. -Was pulling 3 mob at the same time, same level as me, just when I pulled the electricity in or building went down. I had maybe 3-5 min outage, then went back to check whats up, praying maybe my char isnt dead. During loading screen I was pressing my potion keybind and when it loaded me in, I had just used my potion and lived. I was in combat, but wasnt dead. Random or luckily did I just saved myself with that potion?

I’m leveling a warrior on Stitches. Level 22 so far. Didn’t have any problems, except for 5 disconnects. I love how people like to make fun of this, while they haven’t suffered any dc so far. I’ve analyzed logs and didn’t find what caused it. It’s absurd that we have no instrument to debug it somehow. I have a stable internet connection and a gigabyte channel. Ping is always nice, about 40ms.

You don’t need any kind of degree to know the servers are wack. What are you even arguing about?

The problem is not even disconect itself, but the game blocking you from reconnecting.
I died on my 60lvl character three weeks into HC by game kicking me out on the path of elite patrol and then it stuck on 80% for entire minute and only loaded when NPCs finished me off.
Sometimes you stuck on loading screen for a minute, sometimes you stuck in main menu with “character already exists”, sometimes it simply let you in, most likely when you are lucky to DC out of combat.
Since then I have always my backup plan on my phone nearby and wonder when will blizzard cut this option.
These random disconnects are still here and happen once a while.

I rarely have issues with disconnecting.

However, I just lost my level 40 mage while trying to enter Scarlet Monastery Graveyard for the first time with a group. I ran into the dungeon, the screen changed to the loading screen but I could still hear fighting sounds. I tried to alt+f4 and relogg quick but it was too late and my character was dead.

If I had died from screwing up or a dungeon wipe or something along those lines, then I could accept it and go again, but not from this. This is just incredibly frustrating.