Disconnected = died. Returning to the game without waiting within 5 minutes

Always been that after a disconnect, you can return to the game without queuing. Now, with characters having only one life, every disconnect is a nail in the coffin. Is it really that difficult to reintroduce this system when there is a real need for it? I’m just shocked by such absurdity that Blizzard promised to prevent random deaths and deliberately didn’t include the option to return to the game after a disconnect, bypassing the queue. Bravo!


Never seen they promised that. Can you link me the source for that please?

Also, I have been playing HC on stitches and in about 20 hours so far I have not been disconnected once.

You need to find the real reason for your disconnects and fix that.

In an interview with the announcement of hk

There can be a multitude of reasons, and just because you haven’t been disconnected in over 20 hours of gameplay doesn’t mean that hundreds of players haven’t died because of it. If such a feature exists, why not use it to make people more comfortable playing, without worrying about internet-related errors? Blizzard also faces server issues from time to time, so it would be beneficial

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I’m not denying people haven’t disconnected and died, I have not had any problems so these people need to look at their own system and find out why.

I have been playing when these people claim they have disconnected and died, if it was at Blizzards end then more would disconnect.

It could be anything from the ISP to their wireless being in powersaving mode.

Where exactly did they promise to prevent that? They only said they would try to prevent deaths caused by disconnects. That is two different things.

I also seen a few time guildies got mass DC, but for me personally it was ok. Never got a single DC on HC servers…

Think logically about your advice. Not everyone can change their internet just for one game, but the feature I’m talking about, the return without queuing, would actually help unlike your suggestions

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Dc is rarely blizzards fault. Might want to talk to your isp instead.

The electricity went out in my building just now. Disconnected the internet as well. Lost my 49 warrior to the half hour queue after it.
You cannot know what causes disconnect, it’s not always under your control.

Game needs a feature where a disconnect just removes you from the game altogether or your character loses all aggro but stays in place till you log back in.

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No, game does not need that.
That would be a huge hack to avoid death: Alt+F4 and you are safe.

Then it’s a hack, and if you use it you are a hack. That simple.
I wish we had numbers on how many characters so far died to dc.
I don’t feel like restarting it, it’s just too idiotic to be able to lose all your work to random chance you have no control over.

Well apparently you are talking bout something you don’t know. I personally got dysnced from the game and died due to something server sided. There could be errors in the game modules that causes random player to disconnect talking from experience with games/game development.

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I don’t think that’s viable option to be implemented, can be hugely abused.

The fact it can be abused is not a reason not to have something like that implemented.
After all, hardcore is something you do for yourself, at least that’s how I look at it. It’s like running a marathon or completing an ironman triathlon. It’s not about finishing first, but about completing it. You only cheat yourself if you do cheat.

That completely defeats the purpose of “official” HC Servers.

You can do “your personal challenge” on Era all day long. No need for Blizzard to do anything and more importantly no need to change anything for anyone who likes playing by strict Rules.

How would you know that?

“Could” is far away from “is”. There “could” be an error in your network driver implementation that caused it.

It “could” be a bug in any software implementation from the client to the server and there are A LOT of them involved on the way.

Statements like these are maximum meaningless without evidence. The only purpose they solve ist convincing yourself and others thats “Not your/their fault” in order to feel better about what happened.

The only thing you’re saying is that you’re ok with people having bad luck and dying to a disconnect.
Would that be because you have all the time in the world to retry the challenge anytime? We don’t all have 1000’s of hours free and for some of us losing a character after a month of work (because we have jobs, are not in a guild, don’t abuse layer mechanics, etc) is very rough.
There is no inherent challenge to getting to 60 if you know what you’re doing (and I’ve been playing this since vanilla). The only thing that gets me killed is DC’s and the login queue right after.
So, what you’re implying is that the purpose of the “official” HC Servers is LUCK.


Every 10s or so someone dies in Deathlog.

5x a day someone dies in guild chat. All from lag and disconnects. So they claim. I have yet to experience my ping going over 50ms

I think all this says more about players than the stability of the game

What they haven’t fixed are glitches. The good (that teleport you to places you want to go) and the bad (that kill you). Which is testament to the absurd incompetence of nowadays Blue

There are many reasons for disconnects. Lag or ping is not the only thing.
I lost my character yesterday after a power outage in my building that only lasted 30 seconds. However, I couldn’t log back in because there was a 30 min queue, so I died to some random repop probably at lvl 49.