Disconnected during vision

Entered a vision, killed some maggots, game lagged and got disconnected. Ok, thats fine. It happens.

When I log back in however, I was kicked out of vision and my key was used. Wtf blizz why is this a thing?

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More and more bugs and Blizz do what? Nothing to fix them.
People pay for this game.

i’d say blizzard should refond your vessel if it’s been proven you dced and then you can try again.

Same here. Was so happy to get 10k essences, entered a vision, was literally blasting through it with blue potion dragon breaths when BOOM - out no where get disconnected. Log back in before 10 seconds even pass and what do I see? Mother telling me she’s teleportation me -_- GG Blizz, you made us grind worthlessly.

It is quite strange how many DCs people get in visions, but not elsewhere. And this is not just forum or social media reports, in-game people mention it as much. They should really-really start fixing this considering later rewards take a lot of keys and many runs.

The whole vision concept is totally trash. Why can’t they just give us some boss to kill which you can visit all the time? I grinded 10k for what? To get killed in a few seconds by trash during a dc? Can I even get my key back at this point or is it just gone?

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