Disconnects in specific situations


So this is kind of a weird problem that I haven’t experienced in any game before.

For a while now I have been experiencing disconnects during specifc situations in game, for example during the start of Lich King fight (during speech) or at the end of Darkshore warfront just as you engage the boss, theres a few more situation like that and it mostly happens at the start of various raid fights.

I have already went through all the connectivity issue steps in the support section, uninstalled addons, reset network settings etc. I reinstalled the game on a different drive just in case it was somehow related to file corruption and nothing works. For the most part its an annoyance but it does happen on some of the current content raids which is where it actually makes a difference.

As specified in the title I only dc in those specific situations, nowhere else and it always happens 100% of the time no exceptions.


Good morning Optzu,

I would suggest to run a WinMTR while playing the game. That might show where the actual issue is.

Kind regards

What’s your opinion?



Last boss in darkshore is resource heavy because of crowded area with tons of spell effects, did you check your GPU/CPU usage there just before DC happens?