This is a repost , I posted this a few months ago but found no solution.
I get disconnected every time I try to fly directly up or down ( press space key - press s key)
-this only happens on one character , my druid , and only in flight form (any flight form I tried all of them) - I do not get disconnected if i use a mount to fly this only happens in druid flight form
-this only happens in legion zones
-I have a second druid that doesnt get disconnected at all
-on my last post people suggested to clear cache wtf delete all addons i did that and it didnt solve anything
-did a fresh install of wow bnet app and again it didnt work
-did a full format and resinstalled windows + wow and still was getting disconnected
-yesterday I bought a new pc and its still happening on this new pc
This doesnt seem to be on my end … if anyone can offer a solution it would be great

We’ve seen a small amount of similar reports in the past, and they typically were the result of intermittent stability issues (often because of packet loss) in the connection between computer and server. These losses would lead to the character getting slightly out of sync, which could in return lead to disconnections when the character made particularly sudden movements (as could occur during flightform).

You may want to try using a VPN, to temporarily change your connection route - if the problem then disappears the next step would be to have a chat with your network company about optimizing your “normal” routing path. :slight_smile: