in this case it is like approving the censorship; if let the anger cool off and we go on, the post will remain in the annals but will soon be forgotten

If i’m just going by the one topic you created that got hidden then i can easily see why it got flagged to the degree it did. You come off as combative right off the bat with how you mention that no one is allowed to be toxic or trolling. Chosing that kind of wording calls attention to it more so than the content of the thread itself and derails it right away.
Chosing a more open start to the thread that simply states what your suggestion is, without atagonising potential readiers and repliers, is far more likely to actually net a positive discussion.

I could go on about what i have to say in regards to how you carry yourself in this thread, but i won’t. I’ll leave it at saying that you show a lack of knowledge in regards to what exactly the reason behind freedom of speech is and that in creating this thread you’re violating another part of the forum ToS which in return makes this a banable offense as well.


But you didn’t actually suggest anything. Your thread started with

You then compared taming Oondasta to stealing someone’s phone on the street and started to be condescending to people that didn’t say what you wanted to hear.

Either way nothing about any of this has anything to do with discrimination lol.


It doesant honestly i feel like he is venting his frustrations in a very bad way tbh.

And I’m surprised this thread hasn’t been locked yet but still we will see.

Love it when someone gets upset at a video game and don’t get their way so they pull the human rights card.

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If a post is actioned by a moderator then you should receive an email to explain what you did and a copy of the post. There are also system notifications for when your post received five flags and is automatically hidden. No action is taken at this point and the post is just awaiting in a queue for a moderator to review.

A moderator may remove your post or restore it, or they may just leave it as is with no action taken. If you have broken the rules then you may find yourself on the receiving end of a ‘forum vacation’, a short term ban.

Everything is explained in


Please google “Freedom of speech”. Not saying it to troll or anything, just genuinely I don’t think wherever you live has taught this in schools properly. You could benefit from looking it up and get some peace of mind.

Basically, you have the right to not be jailed by the government for your opinions. You do not have freedom from consequences. Especially not on private property (this includes virtual property such as games and their private forums).

It’s a bit worrying how many times this needs explaining on here. Freedom of speech is not a permission slip to toss in people’s faces when they disagree with you or try to walk away from you. Your made-up definition of freedom of speech would make you a tyrant - which is why it’s great that it’s not the real one. In your version (and indeed the version of all similar complaints), everyone would in fact have the right to force you to listen to everything they have to say, and private properties would have no right to stop anyone from verbally abusing their staff or clients.

You very much have freedom of speech. But everyone else has the right to safety and the right to disagree and even walk away. If you had your own company, you’d have the right to refuse service to someone you don’t want to deal with - so long as it’s not based on factors outside the person’s control (race, gender, orientation and similar). You really, really do not want to throw these rights away because it would be disastrous for everyone.


And his post got tagged. Any of you with a laminated ToS infront of you that can tell us why?

First words posted consisted of No need for toxic or pleb posters. I remember reporting the thread (the solo thread) and was in no way, shape or form a 'peaceful and friendly ’ thread.


Hard to say something with only one side of the coin, we only have your side that nothing was wrong with the posts that got flagged. So its hard to answer a thread like that well.

But here goes, I’ve posted alot on Blizzards forums over the years and even when threads has turned abit heated with different opinions and I mean like really heated I’ve very rarely seen action taken by Blizzards staff.

My reaction to this is that you very likely posting in a way that comes out far more hostile than you think. But like said with nothing solid to acutally see both sides of the coin its impossible to say if Blizzard was right or wrong when they took action against your posts.

But if you consistently are getting posts flagged maybe you should look yourself in the mirror before pointing the finger towards someone else.

You didnt. You got a message that tells you its been flagged because the community reported you. Just like this one. And that a moderator will review it and then either remove the flag if deemed false or remove the post and punish you according to the CoC.

You insulting me twice was already against the rules. Not to mention general insults towards others.

If that was the case the community wouldnt have flagged it.

No it isnt.

What you feel and what is the actual case are two different things.

It isnt.

As long as you can deal with getting punished by the mods go for it.


I mean, this is just sad right? As if posting in forums makes someone feel like this. But this is the world we live in. Can’t say pizza without someone being offended.

You can. But if you put pineapple on it… well… I’ll be offended.


But he has a point. People feel “offended” way too fast in todays time. And this is actually counter productive for a lot of things.

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My favourite pizza recently, and stay with me here, because its so nice.

Ham, Pinapple, Chicken Tikka. Soooo good!

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Well I’m offended that you’re offended about pineapple on pizza!

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You replying to me instead of him is by accident i assume?

Oh… Sawry… :smiley:

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One word of advice OP if you do not want people to find your other chars change your pets and hide your achivements so you can troll freely :wink: