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This topic has surely been discussed about, but I wanted to have another, especially with the more Draenei lore we got on Argus.

Protoss from StarCraft franchise and Draenei from wow share quite the similarities. Which ones are the most important ones, you think?
Like, blue skin, being aliens, not having toes, having large dimensional ships, a home overrun by enemies (bit unsure), etc.

Can we even say they are nearly same beings but in different franchises?
Would love to see your opinions, as someone who doesn’t know much about StarCraft lore.


They are similar, but also have some differences, especially culturally.

They are similar in their looks, being among the first advanced races in their respective universes, having crystal-based technology, being philosophical, stoic and religious, having magical powers (psi in SC, arcane and light in WC)

There are also differences however:
I think the main inspiration behind the Protoss were the Yautja from the Predator franchise, whose real-world inspiration were the Maya and the Aztecs. Thus, a better Protoss-analogy in culture would be the Zandalari in Warcraft, or even if there were no Trolls in WC, but the Protoss were directly incorporated from SC, they would be more at home in the Horde than the Alliance.

The religion and culture of the Draenei however have more in common with Christianity, especially Eastern Orthodoxy (think Greece, Russia, Romania etc.) than the heavily “Strength and Honor” culture of the Protoss.


Protoss are better.

Just are.

That is all.


Draenei forever ! :heart_eyes: Most amazing race !

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