Dispelling aflicted afix and it doesnt work

with my druid healer im using Natures Cure on the ghosts and i can clearly see the cleanse animation on the mob but ITS NOT GETTING INTERUPTED , OMG

According this comment the normal Nature’s Cure will not remove the affix, only the Improved Nature’s Cure would.

There’s also a small list of other dispelling or cleansing options if you’re in a group with other classes that may use them to help you.

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Normal healer dispell does not work on afflicted.

omg guys im so bad…

The Improved naturers cure is a talent?

Yes, the improved one is in the general talent tree so every druid has access to it.
As a healer you probably should by default talent into it anyway.

Yeah normal magic dispel does not work, need the one that dispels poison/curse/disease.