Display driver crashes


Ever since one of the small updates (TBC) wow crashes nvlddmkm.

Its the same prolem as others have - game locks up for a few seconds/tabs out, tabs back. Sometimes missing cursor until I tab out and back in.

I did not update my nvidia driver nor did i let any windows updates download/install before it started happening. I’ve only used dx12 so far.

What i tried so far:

Updating driver
DDU->reinstalling older driver (which i’ve been using for months)
DDU->Installing an older driver from 2020

Testing now:

Other Graphics APIs

Neither of these solved it. It would be awesome if we’d get a statement like “Yep we know, working on it” or smth, because it started happening to a lot of us about the same time.

Thank you

(no Magilico i dont use DLSS)

We have seen a few reports of this and so far the most common solutions except from updating Drivers is to “Disable full-screen optimization”. To do this:

1.) Right click wow application and open “properties”.

2.) Go to Compatibility tab

3.) Select “Disable full-screen optimisations”

You should also try Closing Background Applications if the above does not resolve the issue, steps on that can be found here.