Disruptive and abusive behavior from Blizzard employees

Blizzard: While in Azeroth, do your best to:

  • Connect with other players and make friends!

  • Play as a team with your fellow players

  • Assist other players that you encounter in the world.

  • Help answer questions others have in chat channels like General or Trade.

ALSO Blizzard: 7 day game ban for :arrow_down:


I am voicing my opinion on this mater here because tickets being canceled unanswered, no response to E-mails either, and i doubt that this will receive an answer here, most likely forum ban and topic deletion.

That’s how Blizzard solving problems, by trying to deny and hide facts.

I have been selling Rhinestone Sunglasses since 2021 09. On 5 different realms. No issues or complains or warning ever received for almost a year and then until 5 days ago.

Since under EU LAW company that sell me their goods must provide me information with their product i was asking in my tickets why i received 7 day ban and provide me information why, when, what realm, character and what to do to not receive ban again.

Their answer is same for all tickets: It was reviewed by multiple GM’s, you violated CoC or EULA, further request will not be viewed , answered or even better if you still persist asking questions we may close your account.

Most of time my ticket being canceled by same person for US CS Marrekwethir, who is very pro active in LGBTQ. Why EU tickets being answered by US CS?

So how i am supposed to know what happened and why selling my items resulted in 7 day ban penalty?

Here is example of Draenor chat: same persons spam chat 24/7 in active hours Draenor chat is like a slot machine. YET I, logging twice a day to write in 3 different chat channels that i sunglasses are in AH lead to 7 day ban.

Even if this may be unanswered or deleted.

I want to say that i did already contacted Consumer Rights and Information system in my country and EU. They will assists me in this and i will provide everyone information how it went.


I actually never wanted to make this but i was forced by Blizzard employees that treating you like not valuable customer.

Loyal Customer since 2004.

Look at the picture you link, that is why you got a ban, spamming the same thing over and over again. Though I don’t think it should be a game ban, just a chat ban.

If you want to know what to do not to be banned, it’s easy, stop spamming.

Blizzard do not ban automatically, they go by reports of other players.

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That would depend if he has previous warnings/silences. The penalty increases for each offence, remember.

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As has been said time and time again, the fora are not the correct place to discuss bans. It achieves nothing.

If you have been banned the reason(s) are explained in the ban notice together with the appeal mechanism.

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Looking at the post it looks like they are out of options via the ticket system.

The OPs name is familiar, are they the one who was going to sue Blizzard before?

I mean, sure tell us how it goes. We’ve never seen anyone come back though if you go to court.

But in regards to providing information about your ban, I believe they did meet that criteria up to a certain point.

I don’t believe what a GM’s personal viewpoint has to do with their job and decision to cancel your tickets, if you simply keep spamming them and were warned that further tickets were made were going to be cancelled then that’s a simple decision without any personal feelings involved.

Sometimes EU tickets are answered by the US CS to reduce queue times. This is covered by the privacy policy under point 3. Global Customer Service (etc…)

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You mean to say, “Facebook Lawyers” aren’t as competent as Blizzards actual lawyers?

One question does spring to mind though. You state that the US Customer Service agent ‘Marrekwethir’ is ‘very pro active in LGBTQ’.

I’m curious why you think this has any bearing at all on your ban or the circumstances surrounding it ?


That is such a leading question.


Finally, third ticket worked. It was explained with details, why.

I do somewhat agree with an answer GM gave to me but this from my point it was unfair because i was doing this almost a year without any warnings whatsoever.

And it’s not fair that you need several ticket to get answer to a simple questions that should have been provided in the first ticket, not closed without any explanation.

Anyway, this experience is demoralizing and upsetting.