Divine Retribution 6/10 M

Divine Retribution is looking for Mythic ready raiders! We have some DpS spots open in our roster and would like to hear from raiders on the server who would like to come kill some bosses and get some Mythic loot.

We do raid Mythic, but what we are perhaps best known for is the fun and banter we have. We kinda know that at the moment there often doesnt seem to be much to do in the game, so raiding for us is where we all gather 3 times a week to not just get progress, but to enjoy each others company. We are pretty chilled, but also when boss timer pull goes, it’s full focus. Cos after all - the best fun you can have with friends is laughing at dead bosses!

We raid Wed/Sun/Mon from 7.45-11 server time. So drop by our discord recrutment channel for a chat, or you can grab me on Bnet for a chat.




Found & joined this guild at the beginning of shadowlands. I’m very happy with this decision as it has become my friendly home when I play wow. It’d be great to have a few more friendly players joining our ranks and to bolster our progression!

Still looking for a mage friend to play with :slight_smile:

Come join us! We are looking for friendly people who want to go for cutting edge with us! I’ve been in here for 6 years and it is still a fun place to be, need I say more??? :smiley:

Still have room for some DpS players - ranged particularly would be of interest looking ahead to Sludgy, but would also be interested in a melee with tank OS who would be interested in tanking next tier. Above everything however, we are looking at the person behind the keyboard over the class.

We are a community here, with an enormous amount of loyalty from our core players. I wont bs you and say that we are thrilled with the expac and all on line all the time playing our hearts out - we all know the state of the expac. But what you CAN find here is a team - in the proper sense of that word. We work together, laugh together… sometimes cry together on the tough bosses! People actually talk to each other and have an interest in each other. You come here and don’t just raid, you make friends.

Loads of guilds are struggling at 6/10 - we actually had really good progress on our first night on Council - amid hysterically funny wipes! So cards on the table - we are a small guild, we have had a couple of people with rl issues meaning that they cant play atm and we miss just one or two people to keep progressing. We have all gotten together to talk about what we do and the overwhelming response from the team is we wanna keep going. Yes, despite the expac and this tier’s issues - so we are pushing recruitment because there is a committment to make this work and get this tier done.

Come help us do that!

Need more souls and skulls for… well raid-related reasons…
Join us :slight_smile:

still need more peeps for further progression and some personal reasons :wink: :smirk:

We are still looking for peeps! Dont you ever think twice come join us! :stuck_out_tongue:

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