Divine Retribution 6/12 M

Divine Retribution here, hitting bosses for 10 years and looking for more ranged players to hit them in Ny’alotha!

We are a small, tight knit guild that is celebrating its 10th anniversary later this year. We have evolved from a social levelling guild in Wrath to getting our first Cutting Edge this expac with the demise of Jaina.

We raid 3 nights a week, Wed/Sun/Mon from 7.45pm. At the present time we are looking to bolster the ranks with some ranged players as our melee, tank and heal spots are all full. We work hard in raids, but like to have a lot of fun as well and even more like to keep our Guild as drama-free as a group of geeky, game playing, international group with a age range of early 20s to 40+ can manage!

So if you think you can help down Mythic bosses from a distance, give us a shout. Ellz#21767


Been with the guild a few months now and I’m still really enjoying it! Been a blast making progress on mythic raiding! Come join us to partake in the fun!

Howdy folks, I’ve been a member of this guild for a little over a month now, and can’t say I regret joining one bit. We have had decent raid progression for patch 8.3, seeing 3 bosses down on Mythic so far.

That being said you don’t have to be an elite player to join us, we actually have a mentor program (more info over at out web site).

So if you feel like taking that next step up from heroic, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

I found myself crossing that threshold just a month ago, and thanks to helpful guild mates, and a fair bit of effort on my part, I’m now thriving as a part of the team doing the highest content of PvE.

In my opinion this guild have a lot of friendly members, that are more than willing to help new members settle in and grow. We do content together outside the usual raids days (Mon, Wed and Sun 19:45 - 23:00 server time).

This might not be a guild for everyone, but if you are looking for a well structured, friendly and interesting place to spend your time on Azeroth, this just might be worth checking out.

For more info Just contact Ellzangel, our lovely GM. (Ellz #21767)

And if you want to know more we have a web page over at divine-retribution.eu
Or you can just google “Divine Retribution Arathor”

You can also check us out at wowprogress
Just search for Divine Retribution on Arathor

Hi, my name is Uzgob,

You may remember me from earlier in this recruitment thread and on the main one as well, unbelievable I know.

Its still fun, there’s a lot of tentacles which won’t kill themselves, so if you want to come and stand around and hit bosses till they fall over while having some ‘top bantz’ (ymmv) then come join us. I look forward to you standing near me when this happens.

Love Uz

Join our guild, you idiots

preach brother

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