Divine Retribution: Mythic Raiding in SL

Divine Retribution is a 10 year old Mythic Raiding Guild (Alliance) on Arathor/Hellfire. We are opening recruitment for Shadowlands now, looking particualarly for a couple more DpS with Mythic experience. In particular we would be interested in a DK/DH/MW Monk/Ret with Holy OS Pally and a Hunter.

We will consider good applications for other classes as who you are is more important than the class you play.

Our Goal for Shadowlands is to build upon our Mythic performance in BFA and get more CE’s! We are a small Guild that doesnt make a big fuss on the realm and coming, as many Guilds do from 10 man roots, we like to keep things intimate :smiley: So we do not recruit socials, or ‘Just HC’ players to make sure our community is manageable and we actually get to know each other.

It’s all about team here - joining DR means you are joining a raiding community. Good team work and structure is really important to us, so if you like to log in, raid, log out - then we aren’t really the Guild for you. Our priority is killing bosses in a fun, friendly environment. That doesnt mean we don’t take our raiding seriously - just means we dont take OURSELVES too seriously !

We would prefer that you have some Mythic raiding experience, but as with what class you play, we are more interested in who you are and we like people that WANT to play the game, want to improve and help build something guildwise, rather than just join a Guild to get a quick CE and then go afk till the next tier.

We raid Wed/Sun/Mon (plus a Thurs on the first week of a Tier) from 7.45 to 11.00

We have a recruitment post on the main forums with more info and comments from Guild members incoming, so you can check us out there and on our website:

If you are interested in applying, then we have a Recruitment Discord channel which you can find at:


Thanks for your time!

Ellz (GM)

Update on Recruitment needs:

Our Heal Team is pretty much complete now, with the Resto Shammy spot filled. We would consider classes with Heal OS, but our main needs are ranged DpS and prefer Mage or Hunter.


Recruitment Update 27/09/2020

We are currently looking very strong for Shadowlands with a roster of 27. We are still prepared to look at quality applications from people with a decent level of BFA Mythic experience, however otherwise we are pausing recruitment while we carry out trials.


Recruitment Update 13/10/202

After a very successful first round of recruitment, we have a couple of DpS spots available for Shadowlands. We would be particularly interested in the following classes:

DH/WW Monk/DK/Ret with OS Holy Pally and Hunter.

However as usual, we are more interested in the person over the class.

We are looking for people with previous Mythic experience and while we understand that many people did not enjoy BFA, if you had the motivation and drive to stick around, you would get an immediate approval point! :smiley: You will need to be geared ready for Mythic Nyolotha trials between now and SL.

If this sounds of interest then pop into our recruitment channel and have a chat with us!


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