Divine Retribution Recruiting EP: 7/8 Mythic

Divine Retribution started on Arathor back in Wrath and we have been raiding since Cata. We are a small guild, currently with around 35 active members,

We are progressing our way through Mythic EP, currently working on Za’qul. We would be interested in talking to raiders who are geared to continue this progress, but also to people who would like to start their Mythic raiding journey next tier.

We recently took on 4 new members who had only raided HC previously and with some help from mentors are now raiding Mythic progression. This was a bit of a trial for us, but the success of it has encouraged us to post about it to see if there are other aspiring Mythic raiders out there on the server!

Irrespective of you being ready to jump into progress now, or looking ahead to working hard to be ready for the next tier, why join DR?

  • We are a consistently well-performing, steady guild that doesn’t break up half way through an expansion or even a Tier.

  • We have a team of Officers with a shared vision, who are firm, but fair.

  • We have a zero tolerance policy to drama - we know what our goal is, its to kill Mythic bosses and have fun while we do it!

  • We have the resources and interest to help each other improve as raiders but we expect each member of the team to pull their weight and self-motivate.

  • We like banter. The more banter the better. We like jokes. Just better than Grimey jokes. Please. Thankyou.

2020 is a big year for us. We turn 10 years old! (On August 5th at 10.21 am!) We have spent our 10 years, through 6 expansions developing from a social casual levelling guild to getting Cutting Edge, 3rd on the server and currently 1567 world. We still have a way to go and our journey isn’t over.

So, if you want to have a chat and be part of this journey, then give me a shout on BNet. Ellz #21767

Definitely a guild for people who are looking to return after a break or wanting to progress into Mythic raiding thanks to the mentor scheme or for people who are looking for high end mythic raiding with a fun and friendly raid environment

I’m one of those new recruits that was taken on under the mentorship scheme.

After having only done normal and heroic progression in previous tiers, with the occasional dip into the first boss on mythic for gear, I was a bit anxious about climbing aboard a guild that focussed more on mythic progression. But thanks to a few trial runs to ease me into how mythic raiding was organised, I’ve found that I’m really enjoying it!

Discussions with my mentor have been extremely helpful. I had a decent grasp of my class, but thanks to input on cooldown/ability usage and simming gear/builds I’ve found that my performance has improved significantly, and I’m enjoying the class a lot more as well! Still a few things to tweak and play around with, but I know that I can ask my mentor for any advice that I might need, or just to check in on my progress. But things are going very well so far!

Overall, I can safely say that joining Divine Retribution has been a great move for me, and I look forward to gaming with them in the years to come!

Sometimes we kill bosses and stuff, it’s a good laugh

I joined DR at the end of BoD and I have to say I have not question my decision. I’ve got what I was expected :slight_smile:

As a healer playing together with a team who knows what to do and more importantly follows tactics AND standing out of sh*t is something I can really appreciate. And as a team we are exactly doing what we need.

Even though we are not doing a Mythic race (we all have jobs to do) we are consistent and consistency is good. We are not giving up after 100 wipes or 200 wipes. I think even though when I felt “we will never make this boss down” we managed to prove - I even to myself - that yes, we can do it and we did it!

Also we are laughing on ourselves a lot of times. Especially when we move to a new boss and the mechanic is playing with us like a cat with a mouse. :wink:

So if you are looking for a guild who is not the fastest but consistent give Ellz a ping :wink: She won’t bite! (but you might get a worgen transformation bite from a mage … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

“Potentially the best guild I’ve ever been in!” -Said by an important person 2018
“A guild on the up-and-up coming 2020” -Said by an even more important person 2019
“Sometimes we kill bosses and stuff, it’s a good laugh” -Said by some random bloke 2019
“Do you have stamina, can you go the full mile, not gonna blow it all too early - This is the guild for you, long standing and consistently finishing tiers :)” -Said by an unnamed officer 2019
“This might just be the best guild ever seen on WoW” -Said by a President who shall not be named 2020

All of these quotes are absolutely real, as everyone knows, no one had ever nor would they never, NAY THEY COULD NEVER make up fake quotes.

/Ida - Tank/Officer of this amazing guild, full of great and amazing people.

Listen here squid,

It’s time to stop having visions of being a cutting edge raider and join us!
Reconsquider joining a healthy guild that likes to kraken open a beer and have some laughs while killing hard stuff.

Not convinced yet? We have loads of gnomes with small hands that can give you ten tickles per raid!

It’s here! The “japanese word for pervert, because i can’t write that word here” Tier! Time to enlist!

Wow, fish puns ahoy, come join us for some top line banter and dead mythic bosses.

love Uz

Hope everyone had a good Christmas! If you are looking for a Mythic Raiding Guild for the new year and new patch… we might be a late xmas present for you!

Desperately seeking a Demon Hunter (DpS) but happy to talk to other classes. Add Ellz #21767 for a chat.


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