Divine Toll - Ringing Clarity

Please make Divine Toll more reliable cooldown with Ringing Clarity conduit.

If Divine toll multiple judgements procs it is simply too much burst and has basically no counterplay, if it doesn´t proc it is simply 1 boosted judgement on 1 minute CD. So basically it can be frustrating for both ret paladins (if it doesn´t proc) and for enemies (if it does proc).

Make it 2-3 judgements instead of 1-4 so it is actually more reliable CD instead of random oneshots on 1 side or random wet noodle hits on the other side.

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Its so easy to fix this ability make it a extra judgement with 100% crit chance. but blizz just doesnt think


Eh… it’s not DT. Please, make sure you know what you talk about before posting. It’s one conduit.
*Also: it’s not 1-4 judgements and idk wtf you took that from.
Maybe from not knowing what either ability or the conduit do. :slight_smile:
But yes, conduit needs a rework.

My bad, ofc its the conduit. But I guess everyone knows what we are talking about right? :slight_smile: And ye it is either 1 judgement if no proc and 4 judgements if you get a proc (1 divine toll judgement and 3 extra from conduit).

PS: I adjusted topic name :slight_smile:

Actually, it’s 1-3 judgements in PvP I’m pretty sure.

You may be right actually. Lets make it 1 extra judgement with 100% crit chance and it will be awesome. No oneshots and no noodles.

Reworking our conduit into something more reliable would certainly be a welcome change.


IMO not you, since you didn’t even know it wasn’t 1-4 but 1-3 in PvP. Apart from you - 99% of the people don’t know this.

Its 5 too in PvP.

Look for Cdew clip.

3 on Cdew and Monk also got hit by at least 1, but more likely 2 non crits.

If you watch closely you see the Jugdment debuff refreshes on the WW. That while Cdew has 3 in his death log and only 2 GCDs are used for DT and TV.

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It’s 3 not 5.

Let me explain it to you, if you look when he shows the dmg meter it clearly has 3 with damage procs. The rest are debuffs from Judgment.

And there’s Lawbringer PVP talent that takes away up to 5% of the enemy hp, but here you just have its debuff, on the next Judgment it would take away up to 5% hp.

My bad guys, its really 1-3 on main target in PvP. 2 extremes on both sides. Make it 2 so its reliable CD for Rets and to avoid RNG oneshots :slight_smile:

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This is called healthy approach from a ret player. Props to this guy.

Could make it reset and greatly lower the cooldown of Judgement or something for x seconds based on iLvl.

Kinda wary of it being a sudden burst of damage seeing as it has no telegraph, but at the same time just one buffed Judgement seems really underwhelming imo.

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