Djaradin Elders a good Story

Indeed it is,but i expected more then just raid them and World boss,why not letting the Elders go to the surface and do some damage upon,rise them up,make them Dangerous with cool events,epic arena fights like challenges just like the Broken Shore mage tower(Legio)put some Elders as a challenging program,really do i need to give them ideeas about creating more stuffs for content?Why so lame with this patch?

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the Djaradin as a whole is an interesting tale of “how big can ego get”.

Without the primalists, the Djaradin would have lost immediately, wiped out even. these utter idiotic giants really can’t cope with the fact that 3 of their elders have been freed by the primalists alone, it hurts them mentally. If they dropped the Ego (looking at your Tarjin the Blind), they could easily take over all the dragon isles and destroy the aspects and dragon flights.

It’s even shown with Vakan and Gholna trying to see who’s the better elder whilst practically blowing things up around them to try to one up the other.

other than that, the Djaradin are cool and furious giants and I do like to see where their story goes next.

Would someone be so nice to summarize the Djaradin lore for me? Thinking on it, I forgot pretty much everything about them except that they are angry and hate dragons. That’s certainly my own fault, since I couldn’t really muster the interest to actually follow how everything relates to the dragons I don’t particularly care for, but it would be nice to know if I’m missing anything I might find interesting.

There was more to it?

You know exactly as much as everyone, Djaradin hate dragons,they are eating dragons meat,they carving drakes head trofee and they can shoot everyone flying in the sky and they have womans,where they came from,no one knows.The Elders are like youre grandpa with a lot of experience behind them,yet no one knows why they all sleeping in the cavern

That’s disappointing. I really, really would like to see some of that draconic imperialism everyone is rebelling against at some point…

Frankly, i’m tired of giant “RARRR SMASH!”-groups (The Nokhud Centaur also fall into this category), the Djaradin are fire-themed Vrykul, big, strong, arrogant as hell, and the whole “Ha! Smash puny [race]! BLARGH! How can it be? Killed by a [race]!”-schtick.

Djaradin are a missed opportunity, there could be some culture there, an actual reason for their actions, instead of the arrogance and bluster we get with every other antagonist group.


Or just one-dimensional antagonist factions in general… I mean it’s nice that they are actually trying to make something out of the incarnates, but character building isn’t a replacement for world building. Primalists, Nokhud, Djaradin, and gnolls are antagonists without any depth at all. Which leaves us with… rebellious draconids, whose stated motives don’t really fit what we can observe. To make resistance against the dragons relatable, the dragons have to actually have darker sides to them. At the moment they really don’t.

The faction conflict was pretty bad at creating moral equivalency between the factions, but at least there were some bad things on both sides to point to, to explain the violence. We really need some of that back…

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That’s the trick, the one aspect who did all the bad things to the Dracthyr was Neltharion, and he’s dead, besides a few unscrupulous remarks from Sabellian, there is none of his evil left in the black dragons (Well, the three of them we see, anyway)

If the dragons were even just a bit authoritarian, that would have helped, but they’re too… friendly (Not even slightly aloof or anything), to make fighting them anywhere near understandable.

As for the Gnolls, they have always been basic XP-fodder since Vanilla, but has that decay-theme to their actions led to anything interesting? As far as i can discern, that got dropped (Not to be confused with resolved) after the Brackenhide hollow dungeon.

The prefect Dragonkillers. They were the first to walk the land and were drove back underground by the Dragons, specifically Neltharion and his “cheating” tactics.

Rashok is implied to be REALLY the oldest elder and was used as an example by Neltharion to show he should not be feared, using Rashok as a car battery for his entire lab, literally almost putting Ras very near to the brink of death. You know, “punish one, scare the rest”.

oh also there’s a story about a Vrykul king who had an army but was the only one alive and fought the Djaradin alone for 8 days and nights without sleep and was accepted by the Djaradin as one of their own (a literal first and probably last).

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While all the Elders were sleeping,Rashok was the only one alive but used for experiment,that guy really must have been very strong since he resisted so long tormentedDo we know what was the result from thyre experiment?was it because Neltharion wanted to infus them with Shadowflame?From the fight is noticed that his maximum full rage is syphoned by those conduits,but where is going all the rage?I don’t think was used to create the dracthyr with his blood.Rashok at his death even say that his blood is no longer him to control,i feel a bit sorry for him ,i believe we hade freed him from this torment,

Shadowflame Amalgamation is one successful experiment.

Zskarn and Neltharion possible tired to infuse Shadowflame into the Dracthyr after Rionthus (the most latest and most closest to the dracthyr).

so yes all in all, Rashok was used to power the entire laboratory.

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