(DK) (A) Den Danske Metode is recruiting!

<Den Danske Metode> [A] Firemaw | Experienced leaders/core | Raids: Thursday and Sunday. P1/P2: Sunday @ 18:30 - 22:30 (When MC/ONY is dead)
OBS! This guild is a danish guild, so it’s a must to be able to understand and communicate in danish.

We are one of the biggest danish raiding guilds on Firemaw EU (Alliance) and in order to be able to keep that status, we need you!

We are primarily looking for:

Holy Paladins
Holy Priests

But we are always open for HIGH quality applications from any class/role.

Den Danske Metode is a mature (as much as we can be), mainly PVE focused guild with high interest in PVP. Our goal is to work toward raiding progression as both a raid team, and have a few laughs on the way.
We have 2 Molten Core teams and 3-4 Onyxia teams up and running. We do 1,5 hours MC clear and always try to optimize for every raid, without doing too tryhard/hardcore stuff.
We use Loot Council in all raid teams as our loot distribution system.

If you wish to be a PVP’er, Raider, or Social member we have a few requirements.
The main requirements to joining the guild are:

  • Active participation, being on Discord, the Guild Chat, or somewhere else
  • A positive and mature attitude
  • A desire to have fun with your guild members
  • A desire to progress

What do we expect from raiders?

  • Be Reliable: Show to raid on time and notify the guild ahead of time if you can’t make it.
  • Be Efficient: Show up to prepared with proper consumables. Be respectful of everyone else’s time.
  • Be Knowledgeable: Know how to play your class, know fight mechanics, and know what loot is best for your class.

If you are interested - take contact with guild/officers in any of these channels:

Discord: discord.gg/rjU75xz
Homepage (recruit): www.dendanskemetode.dk
BNet: Akashi#2579

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