Dk dps with Tank-Offspecc lf Raidguild


As of now im currently looking for a new Raid and Guild on Tarren-Mill. My current Raid “imploded” about 2 Months ago so i took a good break and im now on it again.

Ive got 9/9 Normal, 9/9 Heroic and 4/9 Mythic(Rashok was like 8% before it happened) but im not sure if i want to continue raiding on mythic difficulty.
So im open to either AOTC and Mythic Guilds.

Right now(this Season) i played Druid Tank and Holy Paladin but i think that i will step back from it and just play for fun as a Dps.
For next Season im not Set yet but as of now im looking to play my Unholy DK.

Sadly i dont have that much Time as my Icehockey Training and Matches takes a lot of it so im free at the following Days:
Tuesday and Thursday 100%.
Friday 90%.
Saturday and Sunday 50%.
Ive one Match every Weekend on one of the three Days but its mostly either Saturday or Sunday.
I will be aviable at least every second Weekend.

Because of that i prefer to Raid once a Week on either Tuesday or Thursday.
I will be aviable at least every second Weekend.
It would be okay to raid twice a Week but as ive already said, if its on a Weekend Day i will miss it 50% of the Time.
My Season is from September until March. Before/after i will be aviable every Weekend.

Im a pretty chill Person that doesnt speak much but i do if needed.
Im also always up-to Date about my Characters, enchanted and geared properly.
My Dk has still VotI Gear(420) so its mostly for the next Patch.

If that sounds good to you, you can add me so we can talk:

We might be of interest to you:

Sadly ich not free on Wednesday and also Monday.

Hey there , you still on the lookout for new guild ?
I think were a good match, so if youre interested in knowing more. You can contact me on discord

Or check out our guild recruitment post:

Lets push this a bit