DK is VERY tanky

My Deathknight is TANKINES itself.
I think it needs more nerfs. And as an unholy with the new damage changes my single target is very overpowered. Im killing everything instantly. I think it need to be adresed aswel and slightly nerfed. Thank you Activision- ‘‘Blizzard’’

It is specially actual with all those warriors running around with all their healing, ms, mobility, dmg…We are far better then them, buff them more

Dont forget that all our damage is still way overpowered when disarmed

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i think necrotic wood was the problem of the game. and is not trolling dks with nerf.

This is the issue, damn dead trees

In commander of the dead if you transform your main pet. You will not see the buff on it as it use to. Hidden nerf???

Why are you still playing a game made by rainbow people for rainbow people?

because some rainbow people are actually playing the game. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

i don’t think it ever gave a buff to our main pet. read the tooltip.

Cervandes made a video on Youtube about that. About tooltip you know after so many years i don’t trust them from how they say to how accualy working. Especially in a new tallents

Like Rune of Razorice stating it does 80%+ of weapon damage, but is less than 10%

Because the rainbow people seem to be more hands on with the game and not the employees. I can’t even remember a time where Blizzard nerfs and buffs spec on a wednesday reset as frequent as now.


But also no.

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