DK just feels so bad to play atm

Regardless if youre going UH or Frost you have 0 mobility and your damage is honestly pretty bad compared to other melees. UH just feels like there are no dungeons this xpac where you actually pull big enough for sores to make sense and frost is just bad because frost is always bad lol.

Honestly hard to not consider rerolling into either a monk or DH for that sweet sweet aoe with 0 buildup and still dealing solid ST dps or just a lock if you wanna go caster.

Your fault for playing pve

Imagine wow pvp in 2022 kekw. If I wanted to play a pvp game I wouldnt play an mmo.

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Massive multiplayer online without pvp?

Sounds dead and mindless playing against the computer 247.

The game has two factions for a reason, it being 2022 is irrelevant.

DK is viable in all content, it could do with a tad more sustain in pvp but thats about it.

Are you sure your playing DK right? Both frost and UH have decent AOE and single target builds.

I mean, engage with all content before making that conclusion? You’re sitting at a measly 355 ilvl without having done any raiding or M+ and you say it’s viable in all content. Take your smooth pvp brain to an arena and do not try to grasp the viability of the class outside of it.

I played on the beta lol.

You are clearly butt hurt and cant play DK if you dont think its currently viable.

But yeah, you must be super intelligent playing against pre programed mobs and bosses.

For my experience 2 hander frost feels like one of the most fun specs I have played in a while.

2hand frost is a lot of fun, too bad it is kinda trash on everything outside exactly 2 target cleave which is pretty much never in actual gameplay.

I personally having fun with Frost and it feels more fluid compared to WW, not to mention the self sustain. True, I’m still lvling and I don’t aim for anything higher than 10+ at the end

Bro, Death Knights just got a nice buff to the Unholy spec. It’s honestly great in PvE so far (haven’t tried pvp yet). I’ve done some keys and normal mythics and I’m topping AoE and ST dmg. At one time I hit 145K DPS on a big pack of mobs, so idk what you on about :smiley: I just feel so useful in all scenarios as a dps, because my damage can be everywhere at once AND I have great survivability.

Check out my talent tree. These talents are what makes unholy so fun this expansion. And before you bash me with the typical elitist talk:“You haven’t done any real content, go raid atleast normal or do +15 keys before you talk!” Haven’t gotten there yet, but I will. I’m a casual, but I’m planning to climb keys while doing great. Got a +7 Azure key in my bag, but I’m trying to get more ilvl before doing that one by doing normal mythics. :slight_smile:

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Buddy how do you actually play the game? I’m in a raiding guild and got groups with regulars that we do keys with together. Going to speak for UH mostly.

I don’t feel any of the problems you’re mentioning? In the raid we feel quite useful, AMS, DA and AMZ and grip, means we got plenty of reasons to be there. We got hands down, the strongest opening burst in the game atm.

Keys wise, yeah not all dungeons are as friendly towards our aoe set up, but you can still work it. I got a couple of regular tanks, they know how UH DK plays, they know they need to kyte around our DD. Sometimes it doesn’t work but that’s just the nature of the game.

Sure it feels a bit lame in the beginning. Get some gear, reach 20% haste and as close to 40% mastery you can, and everything will be fine.

Now can’t speak for pvp as I don’t do any, tried couple of arenas and died in under 10 seconds! xD

:joy:pvp is just a minigame.

Pve>leveling>pet battle>>>> wow pvp :grinning:

Yupp wow’s rival ff 14 has their pvp on life support its that unpopular :smiley: and wow’s pvp is pretty much on life support too very people play it outside of getting easy gear

I would like to see your internal Hacker skills where you have complete blizzard statistics about WoW PvP. Claim its dead from Mr. Nobody based on literally nothing falls into same category like “Flat earth” argument (how can earth be round when i dont see it just flat plain=I dont play pvp, its have to be dead" )

Its no real secret that wow pvp is VASTLY less popular than any of the PvE activities and has been for a long time. There is a reason the MDI and world first races are a big deal but no one gives a crap about pvp stuff

Am talking about “Its dead claim since 20xx”. Of course is less popular because is higher skill ceiling to get in and achiev something , and that its normal. Its different when you stand in swirly fire and die 5x or you get stomped by some PvP dude /laughed and you most likely never met him again to try revenge your failure. Its not secret as time go on there much more young “snowflakes” and boomers dont have time to commit properly to get somewhere.

No. Most players who are interested in playing pvp just turn to other games who do pvp better be it a moba like dota2/league or shooters like cs:go/valorant. There are just so many options for competetive pvp games these days and wow or any mmo for that matter just dont hold up super well in comparison. Has nothing to do with “snowflakes” not wanting to commit

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