DK RP Help/Who Am I?

Hi all,

I am struggling to get the right ‘‘feel’’ for my DK when it comes to roleplay and my own personal place in the world of warcraft.

I tend to lean more towards ‘‘subtle’’ classes like Mage, or Warlock or Rogue. Classes that can sink away into the background or wouldn’t be strange to see in front of a fire in an inn or out hunting for treasure or reading books.

I am not sure how I make that work for my DK. They seem that they have a singular purpose which seems to revolve around vengeance, war and conflict. As well as that, DK’s are immediately noticeable as far as I can tell, glowing eyes… literally undead, seemingly cruel and depressed.

I have even tried to go for ‘‘normal’’ transmog, try and tone down the whole death vengeance god thing.

Any ideas or suggestions would be great. I just want more ideas on how DKs fit into normality. :slight_smile:

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Death Knights can be different from one to another, you can have one who strives for redemption, one who wats to find their place in the world, one who strives for war and strife and seeks it eagerly or one who just does their duty, and alike. There’s a lot of attitudes one can have as a DK, even if they aren’t anything close to a Civilian or alike. They aren’t death vengeance god thing, or not necessarily at least, but rather most of them being fallen worthy champions, soldiers or fighters who were risen into the torment of Undeath to serve the Lich King, serve the Ebon Blade if risen later, and alike.

Just keep things such as the need to sate their addiction of infliction pain to others, aka Eternal Hunger and alike in mind. Here’s a solid guide some of my friends had made, which is a really good read:


This character of mine spends most his time safeguarding those he cares about; relatives and allies.

I think the only “civilian” thing he does, is dabble in engineering. He initially found it useful in combat, being able to make various weapons and bombs, but he came to realize that he enjoys how it takes his mind temporarily off death, combat and suffering.

Both Demon Hunters and Death Knights can’t escape from that E D G E , let’s face it.

Demon Hunters can’t escape the fact that they were on a hellish planet, getting pumped by demonic energies, and trained by Warcraft’s version of Shadow the Hedgehog.

Death Knights can’t escape the fact that they were resurrected to serve the Scourge, probably killed a lot of innocent people just because soul nomming Santa Claus told them to, and now have to control their urges to slaughter the innocent.

However, you can work with that E D G E , soften it up a little. People, specially in RP, dislike sharp E D G E S.

As a Death Knight your character has been through a lot, so it doesn’t make sense he can easily connect with people. However, he doesn’t have to be a silent wallflower too. Perhaps there is something else he seeks? Maybe a different mission he’s on? Maybe he searches a different path and need normal mortals to help him.

Remember though, as a Death Knight your chances to start a lovely family and own a little farm, is pretty much none. But you can still consider what your Death Knight is motivated by in undeath.


Oh and you have to decide which wave is your death Knight from? Is he from the second wave of scourge Deathknights and so did he do atrociaties under no control before he got freed?
Is he resurrected during the third invasion of the Legion and so died against demons and got with it another chance to fight?
Is he ressurected during the fourth war and so when the Scourge and the Ebon Blade Knights did another alliance?

This is really important for the feeling because the original death knights where build in with a torment switch and so the feeling of being sullied but the Death Knights during the Legion Invasion has a way better reputation for being beside beside the Black Harvest Warlocks and the Demon Hunters part of those, that did hard hits against the demons.

Then to figure out who you are it is important what your original race is.
Kaldorei and Draenei Death Knights will have the most problem being a Death Knight because it is so much against what their natural order is.

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