DK-s mobility need some buff?

I recently started playing with DK, so far my main was a Balance Druid, but I want to switch to the next expansion. If according to the lore most DK were a fallen paladin then why can’t they get a spell similar to “Divine Steed” only with a dead horse?
Or at least the “Wraith Walk” spell would have less CD and more charge.


Welcome to world of Death Knights. It’s mostly problems, doom and gloom here. Can I interest you in a triple shot of depresso whilst you’re waiting in purgatory for a class redesign?

At least we have cool tmogs.

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Yeah that raid set is sick :smiley:
I started keying with Unholy DK (449ilvl) but by the time I start pumping Epidemic, trash has 5% hp left :smiley:

the first depresso espresso if free around here, as my colleague said, we got discounts on the triple shots.


I can be slow but then i want compensation with more damage, right now we are slow and have low damage.

Also, would be nice to be faster when out of combat, running old raids for transmogs takes forever.

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dk dont need more mobility other classes need nerfs to wrath state

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