DK tank, MW monk, Mage Looking for raiding guild


I have a 388(tank) 384(frost dps) DK who can both tank and dps (frost preferred), a 374 healing monk (recently leveled to 120 working on getting gear for all specs) and a 380 mage, on who I can play all specs.

What i’m looking for:
I’m looking for a guild on horde EU servers. Who want to progress and have a clear goal on killing all the bosses in the upcoming raids throughout BFA. I have experience in raiding since TBC and all the way to BFA.
I’m looking for a guild who can raid twice a week. A guild with mature players, with a good community who helps each other out. Plays together even though its not raid night. Going high m+ together and pushing to be the best player they can be.
When it comes to raiding I would prefer a guild that does not raid past 2230 server time. Since I have to get up very early every morning for work. Raiding days I do not care so much about.
I would prefer a guild that uses discord. And a guild with raid leaders who are not afraid to take control. In that I mean if someone makes a mistake, let them know what they did wrong and what they can do to make it better.

My BFA experience so far:
At the start of BFA I’ve been in a friendly little guild who was not focused at all in raid progression but only casual raiding. A guild that started in Legion with the same mindset of casual play and progression is a bonus. I was an officer in the guild Diplomacy on the server Vashj-EU. With raid leading as my work post.
We started out clearing normal and heroic pretty easily with some struggles on heroic G’huun in the beginning. Once we started mythic raiding, the problem with this guild started. We saw that we could progress good if the right players played their best and decided that this is what we want. progress through mythic Uldir and clear it. We killed Taloc and Mother pretty fast and when arriving at Zek’voz the majority of the guild had not read or watched how to kill the boss. The guild started slacking. No one payed attention to tactics even though they were called out. We literally had to call every single thing out for the kill to happen and hope for RNG that the worst players didn’t get stuff on them so that they had to move, or do anything at all. After 70+ wipes, 1 kill. And the same screw ups happening the following weeks i didn’t have it in me to continue with raid progression with that guild.

The remaining time I have been playing mythic + with friends and have been decently successful at that. We average at around 1350 rio score and its always increasing as we push ourselves to the limit each time.

Now I’m ready for a new guild. Who wants to progress and be the best they can be. with a clear goal on killing every boss coming up the the following raids.



Monk: Couldn’t place any more links who search for Skdoosh-vashj in wow armory and you should find him.

If you want to have a chat. You can add me: Lavroth#2559

(Aïther) #2

Hey there!

We’re currently working on getting more active members into the core as we have some that atm only come online for the raid and maybe 1 random day during the week. As we’re aiming for Cutting Edge, we can’t have Core Members like that. Currently We’re still looking for 1 more healer & 1 more preferably ranged DPS. You seem to have everything we could ask for and surely you have the activity we like to see in players!

Check out our post!

Kind Regards

(Orgeir) #3

Hey there, I am wondering if our guild would suit you:

We have just formed and we are expanding our raiding team.


Hey there!
Very impressive Item Levels and work put into your character!

Our guild - The Brink (Argent Dawn EU) - is a Semi-Hardcore raiding guild (2/8m), full of players who have raided for a mixture of time, and yet have grown and added to their own skill through playing as a community. We all have fun but serious moments during raids, and even outside of raids we all get together to work on keystone dungeons & even fun things outside of WoW, like playing Overwatch.

We raid on Wednesdays & Thursdays, 8-11pm server time; with optional raids on Mondays at the same times. As Guild & Raid Leader, I always take a stern approach when it comes to people improving themselves, both outside the raids and within/during raids, and all members appreciate this attitude and hopefully in the new tier it can continue to work to lead to fast/high progression.

I would be very interested in having you raid with us as your 380 mage, as we are filled to the brim with tanks atm, and already have 2 healer monks :smiley: .
If you have any questions or wish to discuss things with me, reply here or talk to me through my battle tag; Sparda#22469

You can also view our website;

I hope to hear from you soon!


Hey there! I think you would be a great fit for us if you are still looking! My battletag is Corescript#2485 if you want to drop me a message.