Do Different Worgen Body Types Exist: Your thoughts?

Always wondered: We only ever see one type of worgen male and female body. But is this just because Blizzard only made that one set of models OR is it in-lore a fact that the only worgen you get are male towers of muscle and female slinkies that would put Catwoman to shame?
I’ve been creating worgen OC’s and I don’t think it suits their characters to be nothing but mounds of muscle. Why not a slimmer, athletic worgen? Why not a slightly more stocky one?
What do you all think?

I think like with most games logically the transformation does buff out your character with the change, sadly the models in game don’t do worgen justice even remotely.

How much idk I like to think everyone is affected differently to some amount anyway but I like to think the general premise of what happens remains the same.

Obviously it’s just food for thought/ in theory, idk if there’s any lore which backs it to any amount or what actually happens. I’m sure somebody of more reputable sources knowledge can provide a better understanding

We won’t ever see different models or body types or customisation as you put it existing cause blizzard are too scared or don’t want to ever work on worgen as a race.

I for now think off the body format of a fat worgen rn… :joy:

You make good points :slight_smile: Thanks for taking the time.
I think you’re right, like a lot of WoW lore and it’s smaller points, in-game it’s less visible. And you tend to see it more in things like books and comics.
This kind of small-scale detailing fascinates me about the world of Azeroth. And I can get that putting that in game outside of, say, dialogue, would be hard.
And yeah, Blizzard don’t wanna make the effort. But I tend to love the game, hate the devs if that makes sense?

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One could assume there are multiple type of worgens as in vampire versus werewolfes the roleplaying, the sons of fenrir, etc… etc …

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