Do I lost my worlds?

Back at WoW after a year. Updated my main characters and then suddenly I meet Chromie with her timeline.
I don’t get it. Have I lost all the worlds I visited now? I am not an avid player (PvE) and actually enjoyed visiting all these different worlds. It would be a shame if that was no longer possible. To be sure, I took no further action, possibly I can continue with the characters I haven’t updated?

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I am not sure I understand what you are saying, so please post again with any questions if what I say is not clear.

All of those worlds you have accessed before are still available.

You DO NOT HAVE to talk to Chromie at all.

You MAY talk to Chromie on a low level character to go to a continent/world before you would normally be levelled enough to go there.

For example, you would “normally” go to Zandalar at Level 50, but using Chromie Time, a Level 10 can talk to Chromie and ve sent there - and not be killed instantly! :smiley:

You CAN talk to Chromie from Level 10 until Level 59 and ask to be sent to quest in any of the continents, except Dragonflight.

Or you can go to the Portal Room in Orgrimmar or Stormwind and just walk through a portal to the continent you want.

If you have talked to Chromie and asked to be sent to some expansion, you can talk to her again and say “Return me to the current timeline” and then just go to whichever expansion you are the right level for.

Thanks for your comprehensive reply. Tonight (when I have some time) I will log in again and look further. Thanks again!

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