Do I run the risk of a ban when using the RTX HDR mod?

I’m currently using Windows 11 Auto HDR, but I’d like to try out the RTX HDR mod: however, I’m worried that using it might have consequences for my account. It doesn’t change any game files, AFAIK it just tells my Nvidia 4070 driver to enable the experimental RTX HDR feature for the game.

Hi there Vinyaya,

Customer Support can generally not give a yes or no answer to any specific piece of software, but obviously we have no desire to ban legitimate players for things that don’t confer an unfair advantage.

I’d recommend you read through the link available on this page and make the determination for yourself:


Thx Tyrskorn I was unsure on how to respond to this as I would have suggested that players NOT use these types of addons if they are not sure.

as if you have ever been to any help at all :sunglasses:

After reading what it does I would say it’s borderline if it’s legal or not.

Edit: Which means it’s up to you if the graphical update you get is worth the possibility of a ban.

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Hi Tyrskorn,

Thanks for the link. I have read it, the anti-cheat agreement and the EULA and while I don’t understand it entirely, it was clear enough.

I noticed you mentioned “things that don’t confer an unfair advantage”. I have done some quick testing, and as far as I can tell, the impact of the Windows AutoHDR on the game’s colors was significantly less than the impact of the colorblindness modes in the accessibility options. The main effect that I saw was that everything was tinted slightly more orange.

At any rate, I have disabled the Windows AutoHDR feature for now because while I did consider the game to have a more appealing appearance, I think an eventual native HDR feature would probably have a better effect, and I hope one will eventually be added.