Do Pandaren have any lore in Dragonflight?

I haven’t bought the expansion yet, but I’m curious to hear if there’s any lore for Pandas

Not that I have noticed yet atleast.

Considering how important the cloud serpents are to them.
And that they have the cloud serpent races and dragonflight has dragonriding races.

But it seems that cloud serpents are not related to the dragons.

Though there is a fifth dragonriding model that is called winding slitherdrake that looks like the heart of the aspects mount which is similar to cloud serpents except it has wings.

It is possible we might see something in a future patch.

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They do not. Almost nobody does and those who do, wish they hadn’t because most of what DF adds to the lore is uncreative nonsense.

They never were. They were descended from the Jade Serpent, which always had been a Wild God.

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