Do people actually prefer this content model to what we had in Legion and BFA?

There was 2 people doing superbloom in the evening. Two people. :joy:


Yeah superbloom feels like the kind of stuff a Shadowlands blizzard would add to the game, just a gimmick thing with 0 depth and some catchup
I can’t speak for others but I quit my first superbloom before I could complete it and havn’t returned

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Azerite gear was a failure of a feature, an attempt to replace tier items that was very restrictive and required gigantic amounts of grinding to even properly function, at least for the bulk of the expansion. The Islands were largely a failure aside from them having the highest AP reward, forcing people to feel like they had to do them and the Warfronts were just empty calories again.

I think SL’s Torghast in its improved 2nd form was better than either of those features, but the Orgrimmar/Stormwind visions in BFA were great, fantastic content. Legion was amazing aside from all the AP grinding and RNG, Legion is a few Classic “#changes” tweaks away from being the best expansion they ever released, maybe.

DF I don’t have strong feelings about, not played it much. Dragonflying is an incredible feature, the talent tree revamps need iteration but it’s a huge step forward. I think all the world content events are kinda empty content after a while, but they are better than world quests and all have goals to aim for, for non raiding/M+ casual players.

Emerald Dream is pretty bleh to be honest, timeless isle version 95, but not as good.

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Well brace yourself, you stuck with 10.2 for a year.


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Not being one to play PvP/M+/Raid beyond LFR I naturally don’t bother much after I have done the weeklies and story. I like wednesdays and then do something else. Always have, regardless of expansion.

TWW sounds like it will be way better for me now we will get delves and outdoor activities as a vault.

10.2.5 is already on ptr and they promised new content every 8 weeks until launch. So whilst it will be smaller content it will be better than WoD and then moving forward only a half a year wait.

It’s sad that we’re lamenting BFA but here we are.

In comparison to what we have now, it was great!


My main problem with DF is that they gutted WQs, i enjoyed going out and doing some world quests, but now i just run out of them quickly and have nothing left to do, also constantly adding areas to the game, which are completely obsolete and abandoned a few months later.

We all natter on a lot about respecting the player’s time, but how about respecting the developer’s time and not having everything go obsolete in a single patch?


yeah the biggest issue in my eyes is the lack of a proper dedicated reward structure of these open world events which means it also has 0 replayability beyond idk maybe reputation if there’s one tied to it? its bad atleast

I wish those outdoor events lasted as long, realistically they burn out much quicker.
Honestly every new patch they last less long cause its just the same old stuff in a new coat and people check out much earlier

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Ok, i was being a bit overly generous there, although the relatively more rewarding Forbidden reach lasted almost the entire patch because people kept riding the rare-train for gear (Also for alts), so part of it is reward, if there’s no character advancement to be gained, interest evaporates.


That’s definately one part, but I feel like the content itself isn’t neccesarily compelling or fun to play? if it was people would likely engage with it even if the rewards didn’t make you stronger.

Like how they had to pad island expeditions with ludicrous amounts of azerite power to even get people interested in playing them; it just means that island expeditions lacked as content

The game feel more dead xpac after xpac.
Now you do raids and m+ or you dont play at all,because there is nothing to do.
In SL you had maw + torghast.
Bfa you had island expeditions.
Give us more optional solo/group content like visions,mage tower, island expeditions, torghast or whatever instead of this useless gardening simulator.

The game respect my time so much i pay 13€ to play for 5h a week because there is less things to do than when vanilla got released.
We play dragonflight yet we dont do any of DF dungeons (except the mega dungeon )

Is it too hard to ask for dailies or weeklies like timewalking content , or ask us to do season 1 raid or dungeons for gear instead of farming 200 atal dazar like a robot?
The playerbase ruined the game by asking to remove more and more content each patch, so now you only do m+ or die


The frequency and style of WQs from Legion was good, they should bring that back.

Rest of that expansion’s features can go die in a hole tho, artifacts and all the mandatory grinds were a stupid idea. And class design was truly just atrocious.

I’m enjoying DF, especially because we are back to normal gearing process.
I didn’t enjoyed artifact weapons, it removed the joy of getting a weapon in the dungeon/raid, I didn’t enjoyed azerite necklace, it removed the joy of getting a new necklace from a dungeon/raid, I didn’t liked azerite gear, more stuff to study, that became useless after BFA ended.
I hated the concept of borrowed power and having to upgrade artifact weapons in Legion, azerite necklace and legendary cloak in BFA for example.

For me DF is a fresh air.
I was sick of fighting world ending threats, all the time and the faction conflict in BFA made me realise I actually missed when Thrall was sitting as the Warchief of the Horde in Vanilla doing nothing, as little Anduin and Bolvar on the Alliance side.

Overall, I have so much to do that honestly when the new content, in DF ends, because the new expansion will be coming soon, I hope to have time, to do the story content and everything I haven’t done yet.
At the moment upgrading characters and farming gear is taking all of my available time, to the point I just want to take a 1 year break from work :frowning_face:


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That’s my main gripe with DF ‘outdoor’ content for plebs like me. It’s an event. And another event. And some more events. Collect this currency, or that currency, or that currency. By the time Dreamsurge hit I was already fed up with it, and now we’re doing another round. Pfff.

It’s fine if it’s once, or twice per expansion with plenty of time in between. But this being the solution per patch is meh. I hope they’ll do it differently next time, more variety. And definitely more paths that allow for solo progression.

But yeah, with the lack of AP or a similar system it does seem the game funnels players into very different paths. I’m not sure if that is a bad thing, I appreciate they seem aware of those players who just prefer to wander about and do some things in the open world while also keeping in mind those who dislike this content. I can imagine it’s not the easiest balancing act.

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I see this as just an iteration of the Legion Open World content. WQs and Rares with some World Events that require a group.

I am not a fan of WQs as they are currently done. I look at them and see the reward it an item that’s lower ilvl than what I have and it gives 50 rep (who thought that 50 rep was worth even mousing over a WQ for?).
WQs could work if they were done like the BFA assaults, as in they’re an event that appears on the map every 3 hours or something. You do 4 of them and then complete a phase two and earn 2000 rep and a cache of loot (that might have decent gear) completable once a day or twice a week or something.

I liked when I could pick up 4 or 6 dailies and do them all in one area taking about half an hour. This would give 1000 to 1500 rep. With more quests being available at honoured and / or revered.
I rarely look at a single WQ and think it’s worth the travel time to go do it. But doing a bunch of quests at the same time makes it worth doing.

These events like Siege or Superbloom are fine whilst others are doing them but become a pain when everyone else is bored of them and you have to try to solo them.

I do think that Flightstones and crests aren’t given out in high enough numbers in open world content. WQs should just give 25 Flightstones standard along with the current rewards.


There is a gear progression system in open world but it’s just not rewarding enough or is too slow.
Flightstones and Crests along with the items they upgrade is a reasonably good progression system for open world players. I have a resonable goal to aim for. But Flightstones and crests are not rewarded enough. WQs sometimes have a reward of ~20 Flightstones. Every WQ should give 25 or 50 as standard along with whatever they normally reward (a bit like in Legion all the WQs on Broken Shore gave Nethershards or Legionfall supplies).

I know they’re afraid to make open world too rewarding in case it becomes mandatory content for hardcore players but I think they’ve throttled it too much.

Another advantage of crests and flightstones is that rewards can be tuned more easily than dropping entire items, now if only Blizz would indeed slightly dial up crest and flightstone gains a bit…


Class Halls were great. The rest was garbage.

Everything you mention about WQ/grind sucked because it was an infinite boring grind that you go through by doing chores on a daily basis, and DF did removed that. I don’t even get what the hell you are complaining about.

I do agree that most of DF’s pseudo content often ends up in the “who cares” category (New zones, new quests, new WQ, new reputation, dragonriding skins,…), but we moved from boring grindfest and chores to cosmetic stuff that is probably irrelevant to most players. That’s not great but that’s a start, at least we can freely login and do M+/raids without having to grind AP.