Do people actually prefer this content model to what we had in Legion and BFA?

I’m personally pretty disappointed with what they’re doing in DF and what they’ll continue to do in the next expansion from what it looks like, because it feels very formulaic and like they’re making marking a checklist in terms of pure content.

People often praise DF and its content cadence, and if you look at the pure number of patches and their bullet points, it does seem like a lot, but it is mostly made up of trivial useless content. I’m gonna be comparing this content model to Legion and BFA, the only 2 “modern” WoW expansions that weren’t lobotomized like SL was.

At the start, DF had fewer content than either of these 2 (and a more expensive box price).

Legion had:

  • 5 zones
  • 10 dungeons
  • artifcats
  • M+
  • world quests
  • class order halls.

BFA had

  • 6 zones
  • 10 dungeons
  • island expeditions
  • warfronts
  • azerite gear
  • we lost the order halls and got war campaign that was much worse.

DF has

  • 4 zones like SL (bigger zones but still 4 and not as diverse overall)
  • 8 dungeons again like SL
  • dragon riding which is a traversal feature not “content”
  • new talents which aren’t content for most people either, it’s something you set and forget.
  • *profession revamp which did make them relevant but also made most of the player base stop interacting with the system entirely as the awful catchup and limitations made this a “rich get richer” system rather than something you can engage in.

World Content
DF gutted WQs by making them bi-weekly and completely useless and unrewarding aside from tiny amounts of rep, which wasn’t a problem in Legion/BFA because 1) they were daily/3-days long, 2) you had AP to grind, 3) we had titanforging for a small chance of getting something remotely useful out of them, 4) emissary caches for more rewards.

This alone makes DF world content much worse imo, and what they’ve been doing to combat it is burying us in useless world events every single patch, adding more currencies to clutter the bags and tabs, and making the map vomit exclamation marks now that we’ve had like 7 patches of this stuff.

Most of these events aren’t really bad, but they only reward middling cosmetics and some catch-up gear so they very quickly stop being relevant or interesting unless you’re only doing world content (this part is crucial). Primal storms from 10.0 were better than most of them and time rifts were probably the best if only because they were fast and varied visually, but still useless.

DF has much fewer features than any prior modern expansion even including Shadowlands, and it didn’t make up for that with adding more baseline content such as zones/dungeons/raids. We just got less overall which is admittedly what some people wanted, but is pretty boring imo because we’ve been playing this game for 20 years now and getting 4 zones with 8 dungeons is a minimum viable product, not something to be excited over.

We had the Zskera vault which was useless except for a ring that was relevant for a month and reduced to looking up the best stones for your spec since because they were mini azerite powers. The only new feature we got was the Trading Post in 10.5, which was added as FOMO to keep people subbed and now to milk them for bonus tender through bundles and promotions. All of these cosmetics could be added as gameplay rewards, but they will instead be turned into slightly less offensive cash shop items.

Aside from having more features, Legion and BFA also added even more on top with the Mage Tower and Visions, the best solo content we’ve ever had by far, and minor systems like essences and corruptions, which were both great but had terrible acquisition.

Instanced Content
We have less new instanced content in DF than in both Legion and BFA, and even less is being added through patches. DF will end with 8 dungeons + megadungeon and just 3 raids with 8-9 measly bosses each. It’s even worse if you compare the actual boss counts with DF - 26, BFA - 39, Legion - 40. Both of those expansions also had more dungeons by the end with 12 + mega / 10 + mega respectively.

We didn’t get any increases in quality for any of these instances and encounters to compensate for a decrease in quantity, we just got less things overall. There is a conscious effort in DF to separate endgame players and world content players because the world is useless for endgame players with pathetic ilvl and no power to grind, endgame is less accessible to casual players because M+ goes all the way to +20 now, making it harder and more grueling to jump in, and there is no challenging but rewarding solo content at all.

To me, Dragonflight has less meaningful content than either of these expansions, and it feels like they bloated their dev team only so they can spread the workload and work on things in isolation so that they pump out more “stuff” that’s entirely disconnected and meaningless for the end game gear loop.


With BFA I genuinely loved how Horde and Alliance had a completely different levelling experience with whole different islands and then you’d get to visit the other island with the war campaign. Part of me hopes we become enemies again just so there can be cool stuff like that.


The single worst addition to the game through its history.


I really like what DF has going on for it. I feel like we could have used some more dungeons in a patch. But I think going forward if they are reducing the time in between expansions (which I feel like is major win) I will settle for what we are getting now.

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Aren’t you happy? Devs are respecting your time. DF is the best expansion, cause it saves your time from playing the game. Actually good attempt to cure addiction from WoW.


and with that your opinion is void … legion was by far the greatest expansion wow has ever had yes even greater then wrath of the jailer’s erran boy

the worse expansion is still the burning train wreck crusade that only existed to character assssinate the rts favorites


Nope, it’s the worst expansion. BFA follows closely.


numbers don’t lie void elf :stuck_out_tongue: none of the expansions since has ever come closed to legion’s playercount


Yet Legion is the one expansion where I played another game more than I did WoW.

Because of the artifact weapons.

I got to max level, played some and noticed I had to regrind my AP for off-spec weapons. That’s a chore.

I wanted to try an alt. I noticed I had to start over on artifact knowledge totally. I peaced it from WoW and started playing FFXIV more.

Legion is the only expansion that has turned me away from WoW, BFA almost did it as well. So no, it’s not the best.

Ooooooh no. No. No. Definitely not.

Artifacts were cool - still are.

The endless diminishing-returns power-ups (AP) were bad. Very bad. But they weren’t a necessary addition to artefacts. Blizzard could have done artefacts without AP.

If you want to say AP was bad, I’m with you. But even so, I can list quite a few changes that were, for me personally at least, worse. Other people may have other things on their lists, but I doubt you’d find many people to agree that AP was the absolute worst thing Blizzard ever did.


For me, artifacts were S-tier thing. I still wear Kingslayers to this day.


Legion was the absolute best imo. i loved the zones, the music, the quests, the dungeons, even the artifacts.


One of the reasons I won’t pre purchase the next expansion. Not going to pay much more for exactly the same content even if the story is different. I gotten bored with M+ raid and same PvP maps. Nothing interesting or new for DF and I agree, DF is feature not content. Yet they hinged the entire expansion on this and failed miserably.


I don’t agree with your argument about the zones.
It doesn’t matter how many pieces you cut the map in.
Just because it is 4 zones in the game does not mean it is less mass than legion for example.
You could redraw the lines of the dragon isles map and pretty much double the amount of zones due to how big they are.

It is also not less diverse just because there are fewer zones.
There are more areas and more diversity within each zone instead.
The transition between zones is smoother as well imo, so it does not feel like you are entering a new zone because the change is more gradual rather than a obvious line.

So yeah, I prefer dragon isles over broken shore, northrend, pandaria etc.

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I feel like a lot of the things dragonflight gets praise over is exactly because a lot of things were not present that were present in shadowlands and BFA

Things like daily world quests, warfronts, azerite gear, expeditions, then in shadowlands torghast, the mission tables that were present (less problematic you could just ignore them completely which makes them an exception on this list)

Zskera vaults and the ring to me felt like a kneejerk reaction to old blizzard so I never engaged with the ring and the content

The older expansions achilles heels were the fact that the content they had was ‘more meaningfull’ in the sense that they’d get you more power or more progression but the content itself was just bad and it was only driven by its reward which is bad designs

The things you say DF misses compared to past expansions; I claim its better off for it.


Let’s not forget that both BFA and Legion had 4 tiers not 3 which is like 10+ more raid bosses total.

The only bad thing about BFA was not even the azerite grind but more or less the azerite pieces level requirement. If you dropped an upgrade you could not use it right away if your necklace was not high level enough but other than that the expansion was ok.


If they use old dungeons, they should rework them, similar to uldaman, otherwise this is a joke. Especially, so awful dungeons? Why SL S4 had the best dungeons? I know why… They didn’t plan to use old dungeons in new expansions, but they got lazy. Disgusting for the price or expansions and monthly fee and token some people buy. Scam

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People preferences are a low ocurrence for Blizzard Devs.

People play what they are given, preferencess are forgotton in between grinds and only the illusion of the past makes them think everything was better back than.

Wow is a time machine, running in circles but always moving forward with the puppets stringed along and swearing this is the last time.

Many have said this and many forget that life itself is a misteryous journey, Azeroth will forever be a journey, good or bad! nontheless it takes guts to forget, forgive and move on!


Nothing to do on new island after one week that says about it all, x2 dailes a day no achivements to farm nothing.


As long as there isn’t huge downtime between the patches like Siege of Orgrimmar and the end of WoD was then the current content planning is OK.