Do rets believe they are not overpowered anymore?

The last two lobbies ive been in at 2.2k mmr, the rets going 4-2 or 5-1 say, and i dont know if seriously:

“Ret is balanced now”
“You need to take a look at yourself if you lose against a ret after nerfs”

Are they trolling or delusional? Serious question.


i would say ret dmg is a bit to high maybe small nerf about 4-5% dmg reduce but i think its on a demo, bm hunter lvl

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reminder to nerf ret, demo and bm

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Remove Judgement of the Pure and I can play against current Ret. Most of them are 500-600 cr above their real CR so even with the best defence in the game they are mostly free rating.

This is just ridiculus - my class is absolutely shut down by someonen just doing his damage rotation. Considering there is Ret in every lobby I cba even queuing now.

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I think minor tweaks would be nice because i’m still getting one shot in a stun. I don’t want rets to be useless I just want the game as a whole to be balanced around win conditions which should not include just pressing W.

They could flat out nerf the damage of ret by 50% at this point they will stay meta until their utility is changed, they have 2 shield walls, a sac, bubble, bop, spellwarding, judgment dispel, lay on hands, insane offhealing, freedom, they legit count for 10 holy paladins atm, it legit baffles me how they could give ret spellwarding and 2 walls but then not give any of that to holy paladin in an attempt to fix them lmao

ret carry ppl literally with its wings to new heights, but like icaros it fly too close to sun

soon they clip ret wings :smiley:

Dispelling every single Flame Shock or VT with just dealing rotation will never be useless. With the amount of Judgements and internal 10 sec CD removed on dispel Ret is unplayable for every caster who is based on dots and isn’t Affliction.


100% the fact bm got buffed, and is getting that reverted next week is the biggest joke ever when it needed nerfs to begin with, but because pet dmg doesn’t show on details people haven’t been crying about them as much as they should, i’ve not had a lobby yet on my new mage without a ret in, that’s a lot of games played. + bm is almost in every single lobby too, pet specs should never be on top in pvp, because i mean its basically pve for them? And ret after nerf, still needs bigger nerfs

It feels pretty balanced to me now. I’m struggling to beat demo locks, frost mages and hunters in ss.

You are posting under every topic saying you will report for spam about paladin but then you still comment ?
You have some kind of psycotherapeutic problem mate

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its still s++ tier, it also enables some horrible pve comps like ret/warr, ret/bm, people are still playing double ret, which for sure means its still busted

dont forget theres also 2 lock comps, so I guess that means they are busted aswell with that logic xD
Ret is still overtuned like alot of classes/specs and a few tweaks are needed.

So it bothers you that any 2s comp without a healer is viable? I wonder, do you think ret is stronger in 2s than fistweaver right now?

rets need their wings cd nerfed by 30s and divine protection to be at least 1min 30 cd or 2mins. It’s funny how shamanistic rage got removed for it being “OP” and now they gave it to rets and it’s totally fine lol

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Yes, do you know why? Because Dampening changes literally killed every 2x dps comp. If Ret is viable in 2x dps comp there besides Dampening it means it’s broken beyond imagination.

demo does need nerfs, destro got nerfed with bane (good), aff and destro both getting sac nerfs next week too so?

im obviously on about 3’s, who gives a donkey about 2’s, ret/warr/shammy ret/bm/shammy ret/x/x, it’s literally carrying everything rn, it took them 3 times to get dh right, it’ll be the same with ret, it needs big nerfs. If it wants huge utlity, i think in another post abx posted they have insane utility, and dmg and healing, spriest is also a utility class, doesn’t have insane dmg :slight_smile:

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Actually ret is doing less healing than war and DH now after the nerfs, should their healing be nerfed too?

A majority of the playerbase are delutional when it comes to their own class balancing. For example arms warriors sits on their hill screaming down at the rest of the playerbase how its a matter of l2p n that arms is B tier at best. Thats just how it goes in this community.